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Telegram Fully redesigned settings in version 1.4

Telegram Fully redesigned settings in version 1.4

From October 1, 2018 Telegram has Various other improvements find out

On March 24, 2018, Telegram celebrated 200 million monthly active users this was possible by the so many values of Telegram. Most Businesses now have relocated their Headquarters to Telegram, let me explain to you in simple terms. Telegram is a messenger application which was more of a stolen idea from popular chatting App Whatsapp.

Telegram V1.4
Telegram V1.4

The owner Nikolai and Pavel Durov, who founded it in 2013, founders of VK, and ( VK is a Russian online social media and social networking service. It is available in several languages but it is especially used by Russian-speakers) Telegram serves as an an independent nonprofit company based in Berlin,Germany, which is not connected to VK.

The point I want you to understand about this messenger app is the strategy the founders adopted to beat Whatsapp, I mean if you are not on telegram at this age then I think you are not in business. Most serious business owners who want to easily communicate to customers from a chatting app, of course, Twitter cant handle this task. These companies create a Telegram group and a Telegram channel.

Things you can do now with Telegram?

1. Connect – from most remote locations.
2. Coordinate – groups of up to 100000 members.
3. Synchronize – your chats across all your devices.
4. Send – documents of any type.
5. Encrypt – personal and business secrets.
6. Destruct – your messages with a timer.
7. Store – your media in the cloud.
8. Build – your own tools on our API.
9. Enjoy – feedback from your customers

Telegram Fully redesigned settings in version 1.4

Because of the nature of TG, which can accommodate over 200,000 group members and counting, allows these businesses to accommodate large groups which are not found on Whatsapp. At a point, TG groups become so overpopulated that if the group Admins post an important update, in few seconds those coming later will never see it, especially groups with 94,000 member which is the highest i have seen though. So TG group Admins make use of Telegram Channel, a page where only Admins will post and post only important information. Some Telegram Groups, could mute group chats and restrict it to only the administrators, but the Admins will kill interaction though that’s an alternative. Before I show you some crazy overpopulated telegram groups you may wish to join, let’s check out the redesigned settings in version 1.4.

Telegram redesigned settings in version 1.4

  1. – Fully redesigned Settings section.
  2. – New theme selector in Chat Settings.
  3. – New local storage settings: Control how much disk space is used by the cache and for how long the cached files are stored.
  4. – Improved local caching for images and GIF animations.
  5. – New settings: Peer-to-Peer settings for calls, disable animations for low performance computers.
  6. – Various other improvements.
  7. Telegram Desktop for your Mac or Windows PC graduates to version 1.4 today, adding a fabulous new design and support for custom themes!
  8. – Telegrams native stand-alone desktop app was first released in 2013 and works on Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  9. – Telegram Desktop doesn’t require a mobile phone to work.
  10. – It syncs existing messages from your phone with your computer using Telegram’s encrypted cloud.
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With the Desktop compatibility of this Messenger App, it’s now possible even if you don’t have an Android phone to be part of the community. This is one very advantage it has over Whatsapp which is not independent on Desktop as you need to scan Barcode before you can use Whatsapp on Laptop. You cannot use WhatsApp on the computer alone. Sadly for folks like myself who once ran into issues with my tablet because it had camera issues, it was very difficult for me to scan my barcode and use Whatsapp on PC. Though there is an alternative to use Whatsapp on PC, that is using an Android Emulator. BlueStakcs is the most popular Android Emulator, what Android emulation means is that you can use the software to create an Android environment, then download Android apps within the software and use it as you were having an Android phone. In fact, it supports Google Play Store services.


Android Emulator like BlueStacks applygist.com
Android Emulator like BlueStacks applygist.com

But the problems you will have using Android Emulator on your computer is that it consumes a lot of computer memory. If you have a very small RAM processor or your GHz is below 3.0 then forget about BlueStacks. It will work but will slow down your computer and you get so pissed off. This does not happen with Telegram App on PC, it is as lightweight as a paper, even you are receiving 25,000 chats in a minute you won’t know you have an Application running this a big blessing of Telegram Fully redesigned settings in version 1.4

Popular Telegram Groups in Pictures

  1. Popular Telegram Groups in Pictures 
Popular Telegram Groups in Pictures applygist.com
Popular Telegram Groups in Pictures

2. Most Productive Telegram Group Channels 2018

Most Productive Telegram Group Channels 2018
Most Productive Telegram Group Channels 2018

3. Most Popular Telegram Groups 2018 applygist.com

Most Popular Telegram Groups 2018 applygist.com
Most Popular Telegram Groups 2018 applygist.com

One big dominator and consumer of this App is Cryptocurrency and Ponzi Scheme. When you join TG you must be careful about a lot of reasons.

  1. Time consumption
  2. Fake Businesses
  3. scam Ponzi
  4. Scam crypto ICO

Time Consumption – Telegram of a truth is where you can waste your life. Most dominators are women who are mostly working from home and have fewer jobs to do, they patronize looking for alternative sources of Income. For the groups filled with Men, they are mostly looking for business investment like cryptocurrency or are busy looking for who to scam that’s a fact. When you are on TG you must have a clear purpose otherwise you lose valuable time.

Fake Businesses –  Many fake businesses open their communities on TG just to get cheap customer reach. you must be careful not to fall, victims, not all business on Telegram are real since there is no way the company can check every group to validate our business. Yes, I know its a social media platform but then have this in mind so you don’t land into trouble.

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Scam Ponzi – One biggest functions you will get is Ponzi a Scam, at east Nigerians are very good in scamming on Telegram with the launch of fake coins and dubious investment schemes. The lure members to invest and immediately the business begins to yield output they close down and investors lose money. Be careful of Telrageam Ponzi Schemes

Telegram Scam Crypto ICO – Almost Every new Cryptocurrency either on Exchange or waiting to be launched have a Telegram Channel. They use this to get membership and strike in a massive referral system. Many at the end don’t end up having ay real market value. Though most are thriving to get public funds, you still need to watch out for Fake Cryptocurrency ICO sites and do your background check before making any investment. Don’t be carried away by the Heaven on Earth promises for wealth you may lose your money. You can give the following Coins a try they are trusted so far Ethereum Cash Pro Get 1000 coins Here, A Dating coin called Date me get FREE 500 Dateme TOKENS WORTH $50 here, and Finally Open a Trident Account here and get Free Bonus HERE.

All the above coins i suggested will make you proud in future as they are already tradding on markets and have real Vlaue regster for all and get free bonus now.

Why switch to Telegram?

1. Private – Telegram messages are heavily encrypted and can self-destruct.
2. Cloud-Based – Telegram lets you access your messages from multiple devices.
3. Fast – Telegram delivers messages faster than any other application
4. Distributed – Telegram servers are spread worldwide for security and speed
5. Open – Telegram has an open API and protocol free for everyone.
6. Free – Telegram is free forever. No ads. No subscription fees.
7. Secure – Telegram keeps your messages safe from hacker attacks.
8. Powerful – Telegram has no limits on the size of your media and chats.
9. We Can do It! – Help make messaging safe again – spread the word about Telegram.

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