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The Best 5 Drones for Starters

The Best 5 Drones for Starters

Best 5 Drones

The report suggests that more than a third (36%) of deployed drones could be used in the public sector. It says that drone technology can not only drive profit and private businesses but also be of benefit to society as a whole, brings about the best 5 drones to sought out for.

How good would it be to be able to fly a drone and use it for fun or for work? Yet often these aircraft have starting costs prohibitive, especially for those who are beginners and wants to start to approach this world.

Even those who are starters can have their own drone; here is a selection of the simplest ones to control without spending demanding numbers

  • In recent weeks we have seen the Eyes In The Air: Parrot Mambo First Person View (FPV), The 3 best MJX cheap drones and where to buy them at the best price, as well as Best DJI Drones clones: Here are the affordable alternatives.  Right now we going to  highlights the purchase guide’s and  see which are the best 5 drones for starters and which aspects to take into consideration when making this type of choice.


How to start controlling a drone

On one hand, driving a drone is very simple, their control is being very intuitive; on the other hand, however, it is also true that carrying out maneuvers with this type of device, also based on the technical characteristics of the drone and the climatic conditions, may not be taken for granted.

The advantage of the drones for beginners that we will now analyze is that they are set with basic configurations, without becoming entangled in complicated settings that, however fascinating, for those who are not experts risk making the drone unmanageable.

As for all drones, but especially for drones for beginners, the aspects to be evaluated are the autonomy of the aircraft, the presence of the camera and the level of shooting, the type of materials and the mode of control, if only through an app or even via an independent controller.

The  best 5 drones for starters 

let’s see what are the best 5 drones for starters, also considering the quality/price ratio.

Syma X5C quadcopter


Despite its slightly above average dimensions and weight (640g for 534 × 30.8 × 9.4 cm), the Syma X5C Quadricopter is a simple drone to maneuver with an autonomy of 7 minutes and a 2.4Ghz controller that allows both a mode of fast flight, for more experienced users, than a slower one for beginners

Hubsan H107C X4


Among the best drones for beginners, we point out the Hubsan H107C X4 , a quadcopter that guarantees a rather stable flight thanks to the six-axis and four-channel control system and a very light structure (408g overall weight). There is also a module with an integrated 2MP camera and one to record videos on microSDHC card.

Goolsky MJX X101


One of the best drones to start with is the Goolsky MJX X101 , cheap but with very good technical features for this level of devices. It is an aircraft with a radiocontrol with a range of 100 meters , a range of about 9 minutes, the FPV transmission system to display images on the smartphone, via a specially generated WiFi network, thanks to the 1MP camera. The supply of this drone is completed by the Return to Home function with which the drone can be brought back to the starting point at the touch of a button.

BLADE Nano QX BNF Quadcopter


With its very small dimensions and therefore one of the easiest beginners’ drones for beginners, the Quadro-Nano QX BNF is ideal for indoor spaces, as it does not have sufficient wind resistance in the open air. It is a drone supplied with a remote control with a range of 50m and an integrated 2MP camera for taking pictures and shooting videos.


As can be easily guessed from the images, the UDI U818A-HD drone is equipped with a propeller protection system that allows it to withstand shocks and have a longer lifespan. It has an autonomy of 7 minutes and it is possible to fly it at night thanks to the bright LEDs on the body. In addition to the Return to Home mode and at a range of about 70m, this drone can take pictures with a resolution of 2MP and HD video at 320fps (resolution 1280X720).

Get yours now!!! Have a nice time

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