India to Make Killer Military Robots

Military Robots


Quite some times ago reports suggest that India might just be planning to build killer military robots.
Skynet might just get here a lot earlier as India is assessing whether it needs to develop AI-based weapon systems for the military, capable of identifying and attacking targets without human input. With the tech being without pity, remorse or fear.
A 17-man AI task force including officials from the Indian military robot, defense ministry, arms contractors and research organizations was formed in February as the Indiangovernment sees AI technologies as potentially reshaping national security and defense and wants to keep up with leaders in the field.

Speaking to The Times of India, the Secretary of the Defense Production Department in the Indian Defense Ministry, Ajay Kumar said one of the goals for the task force was “developing intelligent, autonomous robotic systems”.

A task force official said “The taskforce will make recommendations on how to make India a significant power in AI, in terms of both offensive and defensive needs, especially in aviation, naval, land systems, cyber, nuclear and biological warfare arenas. Initial tenders or RFIs (requests for information) will be floated over the next two years on dual-use AI capabilities,”

“The world is moving towards AI-driven warfare. India is also taking necessary steps to prepare our armed forces because AI has the potential to have a transformative impact on national security. The government has set up the AI task force to prepare the roadmap for it,” he said.

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