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Google Ads Technology Controls

Google Ads Technology Controls – Time to Make Better Earnings on your Adsense

Google Ads technology controls

Are you using Google advertisements your website? Then Here is the good news for Better Earnings 

A new feature has been introduced by Google, the largest Ads network in the world, where its users can display products and contextual ads within the content of websites, helping advertisers reach more customers as well earning for displaying such ads remember our last article Google Introduces Adsense Experiment for User. If you have not read check it out.

Google Ads Technology Controls

Google is not limited to just this task alone, it is involved in a lot of other forms of internet marketing try something HERE. As you already know, Google is the largest search engine, mostly preferred by everyone. However, this does not make them the only available option though. Google Adsense team has launched a new Ad Technology Provider (ATP) Controls for users to choose the ad technology providers who will be able to serve and measure ads on your sites and apps for users in the European Economic Area (EEA).

Updates about the Ad Technology Provider Controls launching ahead of the GDPR

This is an incredible update especially for Adsense startup who often face serious difficulty optimizing their websites and are likely to violate Google ads policy which may lead to Bann.

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The controls has been launched today Monday, May 7 for DFP and shortly after for AdSense and AdMob, and your settings will take effect on May 25, 2018. Google Adsense users are encouraged to use these controls to choose their preferred list of ad technology providers. The full list of ad technology providers featured in those controls is available in the Help Center for DFP/AdX, AdSense, and AdMob. All providers listed have shared certain information that is required by the GDPR.

For users, you don’t engage with the controls to choose your own list, Google will apply a ‘commonly used’ list of ad technology providers. The commonly used list comprises the ad technology providers associated with the most revenue to publishers from EEA users from all programmatic demand sources.

 Benefits for Google Ads Technology Controls

  1. Present users a choice between personalized and non-personalized ads. Google have already made documentation (DFP, AdSense) available for you to pass a non-personalized signal in tags.
  2. App developer guides are available for passing this signal (DFP Android, DFP iOS, AdMob Android, AdMob iOS).
  3. Select to serve only non-personalized ads to all users in the EEA, if you wish.
  4. Choose which reservation line items are eligible to serve in personalized and non-personalized mode.
  5. Finally, to further clarify requirements under Google Ads updated in European Union (EU) consent policy, as well as Google’s controller position, Google have published additional information on our Help Center to fully address your questions (DFP/AdX, AdSense, AdMob).


Finally, when a Google Adsense User encounter any issues about the just introduced Google Ads Technology Controls update, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your account team or contact Google through Help Center


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