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AYEEN 2018 Business Grant J18 Form Now Available

AYEEN 2018 Business Grant J18 Form

BREAKING NEWS: Applygist.com is proud to announce to all 2018 AYEEN Applicants that their cries and concerns over the submission of Business Plan have been considered. The 2018 A.Y.E. business grant is currently on stage 2, this information is for those who qualified and have been asked to proceed to the second stage which requires applicants o the 2018 AYEEN grant to submit Business Plan/CAC Registration.

It will interest you to know that A.Y.E has been declared the Largest Entrepreneurship organization in the world If you doubt me Google it.


About Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs (A.Y.E)

Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs (A.Y.E) is committed to empowering young entrepreneurs across Africa by creating platforms that facilitate intra-trade on the continent. We are dedicated to developing the next generation of outstanding African entrepreneurs, who will shape the economies and political landscapes of their home countries.

Mission Statement

A.Y.E unite and empower young entrepreneurs in Africa to network socially and financially, thereby developing a generation of outstanding entrepreneurs. Our collective intellectual capital develops market-leading businesses and networks, to play a key role in raising African prosperity.

Why Apply for A.Y.E  or AYEEN ?

You will have:

  • Relationships with a respected panel of advisors and experienced entrepreneurs.
  • Loyalty patronage from A.Y.E global partners.
  • Access to online business initiative programs.
  • Apply For More Grants Like this CLICK HERE

Watch What V.P Yemi Osinbajo Have to say about A.Y.E



This email is to applicants who passed the first stage only.

Good Day,

It has come to our notice that a lot of applicants who passed the first stage do not have any supporting document. Out of the 3,109 applicants that passed the first stage only a few have been able to submit a business plan. They have complained regretfully that they also do not have the financial means to process a Business Plan/CAC Registration.

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We have received emails, phone calls and messages from these applicants requesting for the J18 form that was used in other past AYEEN programs which cost only N3,000.

To this end, the Board has intervened and has decided to make the J18 form available in collaboration with the Global Entrepreneurship Institute to only those who have passed the first stage and cannot afford to do a Business Plan or those who complained their Business Plan was rejected and to others who said they are not sure of the plan they have prepared.

To those who cannot afford to submit a Business Plan or those who find it complicated in preparing a business plan. A J18 form is a simplified and easy to fill business plan in a short form design which was used by previous AYEEN applicants.

As an organization who takes pride in empowering and developing entrepreneurs and startups, we have decided to re-introduce this to ignite the hope of successful applicants that passed the first stage, enabling them with a second chance which is affordable and more convenient so as not to kill the dreams of some applicants.

Please note that it’s impossible for any judge or investor to screen your business or idea without the submission of any form of business document that explains your business or idea, which could either be a business plan or the J18form.

To obtain a J18 Form (If interested), make the payment of N3,000 to the account below:

Account Name:  Ayeen Youth Empowerment

Bank: GTBank

Account: 0223805441


Dial *737*1*3000*0223805441# from your cellphone  (for GTB users only).

Send an email with your proof of payment, First name and Surname (The one you made the payment with), phone number and email address to j18form@ayeen.ng and your J18form will be emailed to you in less than 48hrs.

Note: The J18form is a second option if you are unable to provide a business plan.

We hope you find this opportunity of great value to you and that we have satisfied the request of these insistent applicants.

Obtain the J18form before the deadline (Wednesday, June 6) while submission of your J18form after filling the form closes 11:59pm on Saturday June 9, 2018.

Best Regards.

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A.Y.E Team

For more enquiries, please contact info@ayeonline.org

A.Y.E Reality TV Show 2018

The A.Y.E Reality TV Show is a thirteen (13) episode entrepreneurial show that broadcast across Africa on over 8 TV Stations. The Reality Show unlike others and those in its Genre is very educative, informative, engaging yet entertaining.

It showcases selected innovative entrepreneurs who agree to pitch their ideas and businesses before a well sought out panel of international judges on the A.Y.E reality TV show.

Their businesses cut across the various sectors of the economy; transportation, technology, commodity goods, food processing, packaging, waste management /re-cycling, manufacturing, hospitality, agriculture, fashion and so much more encouraging many investors/ partners to scout for profitable ventures.

AYEEN Registration Form 2018

How to Register for AYEEN 2018 Financial Grants
1. Fill Online registration form.
2. Follow AYEEN on all social media platform to receive update (mandatory)
3. Apply for J18 Form or Submit Business plan
4. Complete J18 Form
5. Submit filled form and wait for the date and venue at a region closest to you
6. Receive email with detailed instruction of screening process
7. Attend Screening
8. Wait for results
To begin registration for AYEEN 2018 via the portal visit ayeen.ng


Website: www.biztakeoffsolutions.com
Emails: info@biztakeoffsolutions.com or

website: www.retopltd.ng
Emails: contact@retopltd.ng or

Email: shineliteintegrated@yahoo.com

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