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Join Andela Full-Time Programming : Apply Today

Andela Full-Time Programming

Are you interested in joining Andela full-time programming class? Then Apply Now

In case you missed the last batch of free development, you still have a chance to join Andela full-time! programming class. Andela is helping build world-class software development teams around the globe.


Andela Full-Time Programming  Cycle 34 is still open!

Andela a renown institution that has been contributing in the lives of many youths globally, by providing a platform to gain a free scholarship to learn programming free are looking for the next set of passionate developers to join the Andela movement.

So far, Andela Full-Time Programming updated it recently with new content covering soft skills and programming to help you build a solid foundation in programming whilst understanding how to interact, communicate and be a team player.

 Andela Full-Time Programming

Andela as a company

Andela is an American company that specializes in training software developers. The company was founded in 2014 and is based in New York City. Wikipedia
Founded: 21 May 2014
Headquarters: New York City, New York, United States
Number of employees: 500 (March 2017)
Founders: Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, Ian Carnevale, Jeremy Johnson, Christina Sass, Brice Nkengsa, Nadayar Enegesi
Type of business: Talent accelerator, Private

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Andela Nigeria
Andela Nigeria launched in Lagos in June 2014. After occupying no less than six offices in Lagos, Andela moved into EPIC Tower–name after our values of Excellence, Passion, Integrity, & Collaboration–in January 2017.

TIA: This is Andela
Together, we are building an institution to impact the world for far longer than we will be here to witness. To do that, we must live our values and use them to guide our actions.

Andela is a movement. Andela is a collection of brilliant minds across Africa. Andela is a programming sprint followed by a football match, leading into a rooftop dance party. Andela is a platform for tech-enabled growth around the world. Andela is a commitment that while the digital revolution may have begun in Silicon Valley, its future will be written in Lagos, Nairobi, and cities across Africa.

The Application Process

You’ll join 10,000+ aspiring tech leaders by expressing your interest and describing your motivations for leveraging Andela’s technical leadership resources. Complete a free application and personality/values assessment so we can learn how to further empower you as a tech leader.

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If all this is a mouthful, just say TIA: This is Andela.

How to Apply for Andela Free Programming

Are you ready to join the revolution? APPLY TODAY! contact us via contact form

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