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Details About Appi Travels Review: MLM Business, Legit Or Scam?

Details About Appi Travels Review: MLM Business, Legit Or Scam?

Appi Travels

Here is a complete review of Appi Travels, how it works, its affiliates programs, how to join, benefits, whether it’s legit or scam, company history and so on.

Appi Travels Review

First of all what is Appi Travels? Appi Traveling is a flight booking MLM business that when you key in you get to book flights at a very affordable rates and sometimes even free, it also offers affiliate programs with series of benefits attached to it.

That means you making money booking tickets at very affordable rates and can even travel the world for free through the “points” you accumulate which is converted into money.

You heard me right but how true is this? How possible is it? About a few days, I and a friend was going through the Appi travel flight prices and comparing it with some other websites that sells flight like Jumia travels and some websites. We noticed that the price is far cheaper than these websites.

On some travels fight tickets you save up to 30 percent or more. Which means if you have a friend or relative who is traveling by air. You can help them book tickets and save money and Sometimes you even make good profit selling to strangers.

Now listen guys, this is more interesting; as you grow in the business you get traveling points which can be converted to money or you use it to book fright and travel for free.

Wonderful isn’t it?  You heard me right. Now having said that if you notice you can even make millions from this alone booking flight ticket for people.

Now let’s move to more interesting part which is making more money. Appi Travel has 3 packages for her affiliates.

Appi Travels Affiliate Packages

1 . Explorer package

2. Traveler package

3. Navigator package

But we will talk about Explorer package because of time. Don’t worry guys, after this training I will drop a link on how all this works.

Now how does Explorer package works?

Explorer package is a 35$ package which gives you means to become an affiliate in Appi travels. To book flights tickets and get some other benefits. But aside that it gives you opportunity to make massive source of income through the 2 by 2 matrix system.

Which is far the simplest have ever seen. Now how does it work? Now listen carefully guys. This part alone can make you over 800k naira monthly when done properly. When you come in with 35$ ( though I advice you have up to 40$ or N15,500 because of transaction fees).

You will have to build a team with just 2 people, You get 2 partners who are willing to do the business with you and succeed. Then when this 2 people comes in 25 $ each will be paid to your sponsor? This sounds crazy isn’t it? But don’t worry because others will eventually pay to you too.

When those 2 people comes in with their own 2 each you will automatically earn 100$. But out of the 100$, 75 dollars will be paid to you. And 25$ will be used to start another cycle.

The explorer package is so cool because you can be cycling out everyday. Which means you can be making 75$ everyday the rest of your life. Another beautiful thing is the spill over which i so much love, Which means when you have more than 2 people other people will be registered under your 2 people. And everyone gets paid. It’s essential we help each other so we can make money quickly and move to the other stages. The beauty is you can even earn on 3 stages. All at once.

So when you calculate 75$ x 30, That’s 2250$. Which is over 800,000 naira in Nigeria currency. This can be met with team work and very possible.

About The Company

I couldn’t find any information on the company website about who owns or operates Appi Travels.

I did notice a corporate address in Quebec, Canada listed at the foot of the Appi Travels website.

Registered on September 17th, 2016, the Appi Travels website domain, “appitravels.com”, is registered privately.

A little more in-depth research and I found that a man by the name of Danny Gauthier lists himself as owner and CEO of Appi Travels on his LinkedIn profile.

Not too sure why the Appi Travels website doesn’t offer this same information.

Danny Gauthier was also the owner of a company called Ultamex in 2012.

Ultamex was an MLM company that ran for about a year before it was re-launched as Wealth Podium, which was a similar matrix MLM.

It seems that Wealth Podium no longer exists, which is most likely why Gauthier launched Appi Travels.


Appi travels is legit and not a scam according to testimonies from few participants I met. For instance Mr Okechukwu has being in the business for some time now and he assured it’s working for him.

Though I’m not into it yet so you can take the information here with a pinch of salt. It’s what I learnt about it. I haven’t put them into practice. And for the fact, the ownership of the company or business is still hidden on the website, it projects a bad signal about its reputation. What do you think?

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  1. There’s a lot of great info in your post. One thing, I’d like to add is that there is a page I saw online that says that the company is no longer operating. I don’t know if that’s true but I think it might be of interest to your readers.

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