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Activate Mtn 100% Double Data By Tweaking Imei 2018

Activate Mtn 100% Double Data By Tweaking Imei 2018

Double Data

Its no longer a news that its been quite long since we enjoyed MTN awoof data. Sure, its very obvious that Mtn double data have been working more than two years with series of method to activate it.

The first procedure was imei method, followed by the SMS method which was blocked early this year and new SMS method surface as well. Presently, the SMS method is still working but selective (selected SIM) but the way some will benefits while some don’t  ends today as I’m  gonna unveil the real deal and you join the flex zone.

Double Data

Please remember that if you are among those using the 100% double data despite the method you used, this post is not for you as you are currently eligible to have double data in each of your subscription.

This imei method of activating double data is 100% working and as we said earlier, it is the first method used to get everybody eligible for the offer.


Easy methods to Make Your Phone Number Private on any Network

1. A rooted Droid
2. Chamelephon App 
3. IMEI Generator (by Egde Dev Studio) 
Please note that Chamelephon and imei Generator is free to download on play store.


  • Open the IMEI Generator app, Navigate to phone IMEI and click the drop down box and select either Samsung S7, S7edge, or S8+
  • It will be 25 count by default but you can increase it to 100 and click generate.A list of IMEI will appear, just copy any random one you like.
  • Open the chamelephon app and paste the copied IMEI in the sim slot (if you are using dual SIM phone, choose either SIM one or two to paste the imei or you can change both of the imei). Now click Apply New IMEIs, once it’s done, just restart your phone.
  • Wait for like some minutes to receive a message but if you do not receive any message automatically, just open your sms app and send samsung to 131

If you receive a failure message in return, that means the IMEI you selected may not be valid, kindly repeat the procedure and select another random IMEI.

But if you received the below message.

Congratulations! Your smartphone has been activated to enjoy 100% bonus on every data plan you buy for the next 3 months. To enjoy BONUS & superfast internet, simply dial *131# to buy any data plan.

It showcase that Your Mtn 100% double data was activated successfully. Subscribe and get the double of any plan you choose.

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