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*Questions:* Is this Npower still exist? let me know pls i’m totally confused.
_*Npower: Abdullahi Abdulmumini Risku, Sir we are doing our best to make the selection reviewing swift and fair without mistakes, as soon as it is done it will be posted so please be patient, thank you.*_
*Question:* Please can one be disqualified after meeting up with the requirements for physical verification. Please reply @Npower, let’s know our stand for final selection
_*Npower: Good afternoon ma’am, there’s a high possibility an applicant will be selected if he/she provides all required documents for the physical verification process.*_
*Question:* January is at its eve,and no signs for enrolment for d Nteach,etc for commencement of work? Posting shld b when? One month gone from d two years,will January stipend b paid? Becus ,January is part of d 2 years
_*Npower: Sufism Sufi Sir, we are working on all payments so please be patient for all will be sorted out, thank you. Mind you, Sufism Sufi Sir, you can’t be paid if you didn’t work.*_
*Question:* Good morning Npower we’re very pleasure and appreciation on your work please for those that have lost the line that they register with it what will be the solution for receiving their NPNV please help us
_*Npower: Sir, there’s no provision to change/edit your personal information at this point.*_
*Question:* I don’t understand what you guys are doing. Some local government has started posting and u are here wasting our time. How long do it have to take just to release names. Please, release the final list and stop putting confusion among people.
_*Npower: LET US BE VERY CLEAR. At this point, there are ONLY Pre-Selected applicants, we shall announce and release the names of the FINAL SELECTED BENEFICIARIES when we have finished reviewing the returns of the Physical Verification compilations. States can ONLY deploy Final Selected Beneficiaries.*_
*Question:* @Ogundolire Idowu Ekiti state has never awarding posting letter to anybody ooo. They said it today that they are waiting for the returns of final list from abuja npower. Once again no letter has given to anybody..
_*Npower: Ogundolire Idowu Hayodele Ifedayo Sir, kindly disregard any information that was not sent by us directly.*_
*Question:* We really want to know our stand @npower team
_*Npower: Umar Rabi’u And you will in due time sir, kindly be patient so we can do things properly and deliver. Thank you.*_
*Question:* I was broke like hell when you found me, hell Is where you found me.(CHUCKLES) Still waiting for N-Agro oh. Thank You.
_*Npower: Good evening sir, more information will be communicated on our social media channels in due time. Thank you for your patience.*_
*Question:* Pls I didn’t received any SMS frm NPOWER or is it dat does dat didn’t receive are not successful. NPOWER after we av waited for result now i didn’t get any message but is well ..
_*Npower: We are not done working on the list for Nteach ma’am.*_
*Question:* Whenever I see a post by N-Power, I remember the scam called MMM.
It took forever to register and write exams. It took almost eternity to release names and now it’ll take the return of Jesus or Mohammed to post participants to PPA. #WhatAMess
_*Npower: Sometimes when people have only known fraud, they inherently believe everything is a fraud. Renew your mind sir.*_
*Question:* You have now rephrased from “stay tuned to our social..” to “communication will be provided in due time”. Npower, you are not transparent as claimed. Give specific dates and stop rig ma rolling with people’s intelligence. This is officially a federal government initiative for Christ sake, if FG has not given you go ahead to post the 2017 verified candidates to their PPAs, just say it. On your own path, tell FG that the youths aren’t smiling.
_*Npower: Ma’am, kindly desist from making baseless accusations. We shall announce and release the names ofBb the final selected beneficiaries when we have finished reviewing the returns of the Physical Verification compilations. Npower is still dedicated to a free, fair and transparent process.*_
*Question:* If WAEC should take under 30 days to release the results of over 1.5 million candidates, why would NPOWER take longer time to select ONLY 300,000 candidates into its scheme?
The continued delay is all but to create room for manipulations, which is what we are beginning to see.
_*Npower: Sir, the basis of comparison does not make any sense.*_
*Question:* Kudos to Npower for the job well-done. I have done my physical verification for N-tax. I have heard from several persons that Npower have called the N-tax successful candidate about a training to be done in Abuja but up till now, I haven’t been called or received any mail from Npower. Please, I hope all is well sir
_*Npower: Sir, kindly contact VAIDS for more information.*_
*Question:* I appreciate you for keeping us posted, thanks for the Job well done… I was told that everyone that did physical verification will be selected. how true is that please?
_*Npower: Good morning sir, everyone who was successfully verified will be selected.*_
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