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Cheat Alert! #100 for 1GB on Mtn

Requirements: Your MTN SIM (new or old)
Kindly walk to a nearby Airtel Shop or Outlet near you. Tell them you want to Port your MTN SIM to Airtel and they will obliged your request and you’ll pay a token of N200 for the porting.

Wait for like one to two days depending on who is handling it to get your newly ported Airtel SIM to be activated and you are all set..

As soon as the MTN you intend to use for the porting reads invalid sim, then, insert your newly ported Airtel and henceforth start recharging your ported Airtel line directly from your Bank account. Don’t recharge it from the vendor. Each recharge of N100 will give you 2GB. Meaning if you recharge N100 five times, you already have 10GB with only N500

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The higher you recharge, the higher your accumulated GIGABYTES!!

NOTE: Don’t do the recharge in one swoop. TESTED & CONFIRMED.

For those of you asking what you are going to say if asked why porting. Kindly note that porting is a legitimate business as far as telecommunication is concerned in Nigeria. You are the owner of your SIM and you choose to do what you like with it. So, fear not. What is important is the MTN number you wish to port to Airtel that will be required from you. And, of course with any of your valid ID card. Remember, your MTN number you intend to port must be registered.

The N200 fee is for the porting service plus including the newly ported Airtel SIM sold to you by the Airtel outlet operator and the registration of your new SIM will equally be done by the outlet attendant.

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