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What To Know About the Glo JUMBO Sim Pack

A warm welcome awaits all new customers on the Glo network as all new GLO JUMBO SIMs now come preloaded with N200,000 credit for Voice and Data usage.
When you buy a new Glo SIM, unlock your credit with each recharge:

— N100 unlocks N2,200

— N1,000 unlocks N22,000 etc.
Former customers are not left out, If you are an existing customer, dial *224# to unlock you N200,000. Customer will receive N200,000 airtime value upon migration (existing customers) or successful registration and activation of a Glo line (new customers)
Customer can check locked Jumbo bonus balance by dialing #122*24# and dial #122*23# to check unlocked Jumbo bonus balance.
Glo Jumbo SIM is unprecedented in the annals of mobile telephony in Nigeria and it is expected to attract millions of customers to the Glo network. We request your support in spreading the word on this new offer to your various teams for effective support to our esteemed customers and trade channels.
Kelvin Alexander

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