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Use WhatsApp as Text Editor Bold, Italic, Underline

Whatsapp has upgraded once more, you can now bold, italic, underline, cross text.
this is the latest innovation from Whatsapp. to use this nice feature of whatsapl as text editor, all you need to do is Upgrade your Whatsapp App to the latest one, then try it out.
just type or paste the text you want to edit, and look up the Whatsapp Text Bar, and you will see an option to either Bold, Underline, Cross text on whatsapp page, make Whaysapp Text Italic, and lots more.
unilke before, you need to to add codes like this _Hello_ to make text italics, now you dont need to do so, its Automatic Whatsapp Text editor. Scroll down for screen shot
Before, to make text Bold on Whatsapl you needed to add characters like asterisk Star Star *Hello* this will make bext Bold, but now this is no more needed. simply highlight yext on th Whatsapp Text Editing page, then look up to see rhe B symbol, select the B just at the Top bar of Whatsapp and make your text Bold.
To Underline text on Whatsapp Text editor, before you need to add this characters, ~ ~ to make text crossed, now its Easy with the Upgraded Whatsapp Text editor, just do this ~Hello~ and the text will be crossed. But with this cool Whatsapp text edition features all you need to do is to Highlight text, and select this symbol at the Top Whatsapp edition Bar Π and your text will be crossed.
That’s all I have about using your Whatsapp as a smart text editing tool… Enjoy your experience, don’t forget to subscribe

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