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Should You Get An iPhone SE? (Best Choice For All iPhone Users)

Should You Get An iPhone SE? (Best Choice For All iPhone Users)

iPhone SE

Should You Get An iPhone SE?

Unlike most other smartphone brands, Apple prefers to release just one or two new phones every year instead of one every month. That is why fans are always anxious to see what Apple has got in stores for them this time. The iPhone SE, which came out in 2016, is a remarkable device for many reasons. Find out whether the SE is the right choice for you and shop for affordable iPhones

iPhone SE

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iPhone SE pros

  • Screen size. It’s safe to say that one of the biggest selling points of the iPhone SE is its 4-inch screen. The SE may be the last Apple phone with a 4-inch display, as later models start at 4.5”. That is why fans of the old Apple phone format should at least consider going for the iPhone SE instead of a newer model.
  • The iPhone SE has never been marketed as a high-end device, but this fact didn’t keep Apple from building the SE’s camera with top-notch optics and other photography equipment. Outstanding quality of pictures that can rival far more expensive models in the market is a major reason to go for the iPhone SE.
  • Battery life. Apple included an upgraded battery into the iPhone SE, which, combined with a smaller screen size and refined internals is able to give you even more battery life than a more expensive iPhone model.
  • Back when the iPhone SE hit the stores, it was described as the iPhone 6S in a smaller body, and that turned out to be true: on the inside the iPhone SE is pretty similar to the 6S, which means you can get the same mind-blowing level of performance while enjoying the convenient screen size.
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iPhone SE cons

  • No 3D Touch. Starting from 2015, 3D Touch has been a major talking point for all iPhone users – this functionality has given dramatically new opportunities to use the touch screen, and since then the iOS has been built around this feature. 3D Touch, however, is missing from the iPhone SE.
  • Less information. If you’ve already had some experience with 5-inch smartphones, jumping back to a 4-inch model may prove challenging, since you’ll be seeing considerably less information displayed on your phone screen compared to larger phones.
  • Dated design. While the iPhone SE styling may seem attractively vintage to many users, a simple comparison with newer iPhones and similarly priced smartphones from other brands reveal that thick bezels around the screen are no longer in vogue for mobile phones.


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As a conclusion, we can say that while the iPhone SE may be missing some important functionality from the latest iPhones, it also may be the last 4-inch iPhone ever made, which is big enough of a reason to consider getting this device.






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