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BTC HEAT Earn Guaranteed 0.00178449 BTC – I Earned Free bitcoins with this spin


Here is the fastest paying free Bitcoin Spinner, and get free spin every 3 Hours on BTC HEAT

What is BTC HEAT all about

BTC HEAT is a website where you can play free slots and other games and win real Bitcoins! Each visitor gets free spins and they refill every 3 hours. With a bit of luck, you can win hundreds of dollars worth of Bitcoins and withdraw them directly to your wallet!

Join Instantly

The only thing you need for joining is a valid Bitcoin wallet address. No usernames, passwords, emails or any other personal information! At the same time, it is completely safe since you can only withdraw to the same wallet you used for signing up!


Play Slots



BTC Heats will give you free spins to start immediately after you join! Spin the slots and get winning combinations to increase your balance. You can win real Bitcoins, more spins or play additional games for awesome bonuses!

No deposits are required to refill your spins! You will get automatic refills every 3 hours, forever! Increase the refill rates even further by inviting referrals or completing our special offers!

Withdraw your winnings directly to your Bitcoin wallet as soon as you reach the minimum payment threshold. You can withdraw as many times as you want!

Where is the secret?
We monetize our website by displaying advertisements, videos, and offers. We then put these profits into the main prize pool. The more times you spin the slots the higher are the chances to win! All wins are determined randomly so it is not mandatory to complete offers or click advertisements in order to win. However, this helps to increase the main pool and therefore increases your chances as well!

Earn More Spin by Inviting People

Invite 5 more people to reach next level and start receiving 5 spins every 3 hours!


for every visit

for every registration

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every 3 hours


Complete any of the offers below to receive spins immediately. You can complete as many offers as you want!
Some offers are shown only for desktop, mobile devices or certain countries.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join?
Simply input your Bitcoin wallet address and you will get a new account. Next time you come back just input the same address to log in.

How to change my Bitcoin address?
Unfortunately there is no way to change or add Bitcoin wallet addresses. Each account is tied to one address. This has been made in irder to prevent any attempts to hack accounts. This also means that you do not need to submit any personal information and the website is completely safe to join.

What countries are accepted?
We accept users from all countries!

How to start playing?
Simply click PLAY button after you join the website and the game will start.

Do I need to deposit Bitcoins?
No! In fact, we do not have a deposit system at all because this game is designed to only pay out winnings from the main prize pool which consists of our earnings from advertisements, offers and similar monetization methods. We share a part of these profits with our users and therefore they do not need to deposit anything. This is why BTC HEAT is NOT a gambling site or a casino.

How often do I win?
The algorithm which determines winners is completely random. However, it is based on the main prize pool and the bigger it is the bigger are the chances to win big sums.

Can I lose Bitcoins?
No! Your balance is always safe! You can never lose what you have already won. The only thing that can decrease in this game is your spins number.

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But I saw my balance decrease.
Your Bitcoin balance never decreases. Only it’s value in USD fluctuates due to global changes in the exchange rate. However, your Bitcoins number always stays the same.

How to get more spins?
The spins refill automatically every 3 hours. You need to click CLAIM SPINS button in order to get them so make sure you come back often!

How to get more spins faster?
Invite your friends through referral system (link at the bottom of the slots) and increase the automatic refill rate as well as get some instant spins! You can also complete our special offers and get even more spins instantly.

Are there user invitation limits?
No, you can invite as many users as you want!

I invited users but did not get any spins!
Each invited needs to click CONFIRM in order to be counted. This function has been enabled to prevent bot traffic. Also, if the user has already been invited or has joined the site earlier he/she will not be counted. We only count unique users.

What is mining?
This feature is currently still being developed and will be launched soon!

How to withdraw my winnings?
Click green WITHDRAW button at the right bottom slots game and follow the instructions. Need to reach the minimum payout threshold to get paid. You can get paid unlimited amount of times. The payments usually take a day to process.

Why do I see so many advertisements?
Ads keep us alive! The more ads you see (and click on) the higher the main prize pool becomes and the more you can win! Disabling AD-Block would increase the pool size (and your chances of winning) even more!

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