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Google Play Store Auto Update

How to Stop Google Play Store Auto Update

Google Play Store Auto Update

How to Stop Google Play from Auto Updating

We here at applygist will be bringing to you how to stop auto-updates on google play store because it’s always very annoying that you subscribe for huge amount of data and on a faithful day, Google Play store decides to update.

Google Play Store Auto Update

When you don’t turn off this feature, your Google Play store tends to update automatically on its own.
Am going to be showing you how to stop or disable Google Play store automatic updates.
How to Keep Google Play from Auto-Updating
1. Lunch the app.
2.Click on the three lines at the top left corner.
Google Play Store Auto Update
3. Go to settings.
Google Play Store Auto Update
Google Play Store Auto Update
4. Go to auto update apps, and tap on do not auto update apps.
Google Play Store Auto Update

Congrats, now that you’ve disabled automatic updates for all apps, how do they update? When an app wants to download an update, it now has to ask you first. You’ll know when an app wants to update when a Google Play icon appears in your notification bar. Tap this notification to see what apps want updating, and manually approve each one (or all at once).

Stopping One App from Updating

That’s all well and good, but what if you want to stop only one app from auto-downloading? Perhaps you’re fine with certain important and critical apps updating themselves when they need to, but you’re not so keen on games or entertainment apps updating while you’re trying to do business-crucial activities. Thankfully, you can disable auto-updates for individual apps and allow other apps to auto-update when they want to.

Google Play Store Auto Update

To turn off a single app from auto-updating, first go to the Google Play store. Press the three bars at the top left, then select “My Apps & Games.”

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