Frequently Asked Questions Codelagos

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The A – Z Of #Codelagos What Ambode Can Teach You About #Codelagos

#CodeLagos is an initiative of the Lagos State Ministry of Education aimed at educating Lagos State residents for the future of work – by teaching how to write code and creatively solve problems

Frequently Asked Questions Codelagos

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Question: Is CodeLagos free?

Answer: Participation in CodeLagos is free.

Question: When will CodeLagos kick off?

Frequently Asked Questions Codelagos


Answer: CodeLagos will kick off in January 2017.

Question: Who provides the equipment for CodeLagos?

Answer: The Lagos State Government and partners will provide the required equipment.

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Question: What are the plans for alternative power supply?

Answer: All selected schools will be fitted with a sustainable, solar-powered inverter systems to provide power for the CodeLagos classes.

Question: What are the requirements to serve as a facilitator?

Answer: Basic computer knowledge is an acceptable requirement; you need no special programming knowledge or skill, though that will be an added advantage.

Question: How will selected facilitators be trained?

Answer: Facilitators will be trained through partnerships with global IT firms.

Question: Will the facilitators get paid?

Answer: Each facilitator will get paid on a monthly basis.

Frequently Asked Questions Codelagos

Question: How do I apply for CodeLagos?

Answer: Individuals can apply online at the CodeLagos website: www.codelagos.org. Registration can also be done at selected schools.

Question: What are the benefits of participating in CodeLagos?

Answer: The participants stand to earn programming certifications and brighten their potentials for employment opportunities in the Tech sector. Frequently Asked Questions Codelagos

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Question: What schools will be selected for CodeLagos?

Answer: Involvement in the programme is open to private and government schools in Primary and Secondary Schools. Lagos State-owned tertiary institutions will also participate.

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Question: How will the schools be selected?

Answer: Schools will be selected geographically and also based on the available facilities.

Question: Will there be centres outside the school premises?

Answer: Regular classes will hold in public spaces in Lagos State including Community Centers, Public and Private Libraries.

Question: How long will classes last?
Answer: In Primary schools, classes will last for 45 minutes, Secondary will last for 1 hour 30 minutes and tertiary Schools will last for 2 hours.


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