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First Blockchain Test On Disaster Relief in USA

First Blockchain Test On Disaster Relief in the USA

Technology News Making rouns around controversy with Blockchain

According to news making rounds, it has been reported over the devastation wreaked by this year’s hurricanes has not only highlighted an ever-greater need to prevent and protect against such loss; it has also brought to light an urgent need to improve disaster response efficiency.

First Blockchain

First Blockchain – U. S Launch First Blockchain Test On Disaster Relief

One way to do that is through faster data processing and dissemination. First Blockchain

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) believes that blockchain technology can help. Jim Nasr, its chief software architect, spoke with CoinDesk about an ongoing proof-of-concept (PoC) aimed at facilitating the rapid recording of epidemic information in crisis situations.

The challenge is not just reliably capturing the data at source – it’s also sharing it in a secure and decentralized manner with other organizations involved in disaster relief efforts. According to Nasr, the CDC’s legacy systems are just not up to the task.

The hope is that this and other PoCs the institution is working on will show the potential of blockchain technology to change the way large-scale crisis response coordination works. Given the speed with which disaster can strike, the inherent chaos of the aftermath and the humanitarian importance of relief efforts, it would be none too soon First Blockchain 


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