Beware Of Payoneer Scammers

Beware Of Payoneer Scammers

No More Mistakes Beware Of  Scammers

I recently got a mail from Payoneer (fake payoneer) saying I got a payment of $260 and I should login to view, the email looked too real and the sender address was from the real payoneer but i clicked on the link and the URL was payoneer.com.es which I entered a fake details and it logged me in thinking that was my true details.

Beware Of Payoneer Scammers

To cut the long story short, they were asking for my card number, Security and name on card so please in case you receive such email simply ignore lest you fall into the hands on scammers.

OUR Daily Bread Devotional September 18, 2017 — Watch the Conductor


#Npower – #Npower Beneficiaries

It has come to our attention that some of our N-Power
Volunteers are attempting to dispose of their device, we urge
you in your best interest not to do so.

Recall that N-Power is a Learn/Work/ Entrepreneurship
Programme of the Federal Government’s National Social
Investment Programme for unemployed Young Graduates
between the ages of 18 – 35.

Please note that the N-Power Devices currently being
distributed to our N-Power volunteers were secured through
an Asset Finance arrangement for 20months with the Bank
of Industry (BOl) by the Federal Government National Social
Investment Programme. As such the devices are to aid the
continual learning and development of our volunteers which
seeks to enhance their employability – ready for the Labour
market when they exit the Programme after 24months.

These devices are also Work Tools as it would aid the
discharge of their community functions in your primary
places of assignment be it at the Public Schools, Primary
Health Centres or the Agriculture Development Farm

In addition, these devices contain global knowledge content
contributed by some of our Global partners such as Cisco,
Google, Microsoft etc on ICT, Leadership 8. Entrepreneurship
for their continuous development. READ MORE

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