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How To Get 60gb For 500naira On 9mobile

60gb For 500naira On 9mobile

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How To Get 60gb For 500naira On 9mobile

Good day! In this post we will be giving you guide on how to get to get 60gb For 500naira on 9mobile as the 9mobile Data Bundles are gradually upgrading and to be sincere, 9mobile is really going far with that. 9mobile Nigeria is a developing Network in Nigeria.

60gb For 500naira On 9mobile

Infact this year has been a year of freebies, ever since the lunch of 9mobile, we have been experiencing freebies.
60gb For 500naira On 9mobile
Now yet another great deal, 60gb for 1month on 9mobile?
Yeah, this is just a night plan that can be used from 12am to 5am. This is when Internet is fast.
Though you need a VPN to activate it but trust me it’s that easy just follow the steps.
1. Monthly subscription is required to
get the YouTube streaming pak activated and working.
2. First migrate to Morecliq tariff plan by dialling *244*1# and dial *545# and
activate 100% double data bonus.
3. Now, dial *200*3*1*3# and purchase the monthly plan of 500MB for
4. After the activation, you will be rewarded with 1gb since you activated double data and 60gb to stream YouTube videos for free in night.
1. As at 1am, launch your Anonytun VPN. Download here.
3. Turn on ” Stealth
Settings”. Set connection port to 8081 and set
connection protocol to HTTP.
4. Toggle on and tap on ” EDIT CUSTOM TCP/HEADERS” .
Now, set URL/HOST to myaccount.google.com
5. Set Request method to POST and Injection method to NORMAL.
6. Lastly, tap on GENERATE and go to the initial page and tap on connect.
Now you must know that you are allocated with 2gb per night ie you can only use 2gb every night for 1month.
End of discussion….
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