62 Npower NG Teach FAQ

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62 Npower NG Teach FAQ

Here are answers to your Npower NG Questions and

answers regarding What I Next after Test and Those

who have not written any Test yet.

Npower please

NOTE – Q Means Questions, while A Means Answer

1. Question – WHen is Npower Teach writing Test ?
Answer- N-Teach test now August 9th

2. Q- OK I’m on it already tnxs npower love this programme so so much
A- And we absolutely love you

62 Npower NG Teach FAQ

3. Q- @npower_ng on an Outrage service to the community
A- Nice. But please change the outrage to outreach and tweet again.
We are very proud of you



62 Npower NG Teach FAQ

4. Q- This is not fair,, how can some people will get text and some will not get.. So what do you want us to do now..
A- What did you apply for sir? 62 Npower NG Teach FAQ

5. Q- @npower_ng good morning, have not been paid since inception of the program and have done all the necessary corrections.please help
A- Please send your message directly to our message box

6. Q- @npower_ng am not receive text since I apply on nteach.hope no problem sir?
A- No problems Ma’am. Test is now August 9th.

7. Q- We are so proud of Dapil.

8. Dapil is a Braille Expert for Mathematics and Sciences.

9. 62 Npower NG Teach FAQ – Samuel Dapil is a visually impaired N-Teach volunteer deployed to Gindiri Material Center for the Visually Impaired in Mangu, Plateau State.

10. Q- @npower_ng l travel out of network for 3 months n came back only 2 discover Npower side is close pls any possible extension
A- No sir.

11. COMMENDATION- Npower, u are too meticulous with the way you respond to tweet, I love dat
If I may answer, yes. Waiting for few hours is not bad. Thanks.

12. COMMENDATION – Npower is only trusted, by most Nigerians, for now, because it showed an UNCOMMON transparency, during the first recruitment

13. Q- @npower_ng is VAIDS for those that apply for N-Tax.
A- Yes sir.

14. Q- Morni, I pray my tweet is addressed.
Yet to receive July stipend. Help.
Adedayo Oladipupo Nelson, IB NTh West, Oyo, Nteach
A- Sir, is it okay to wait a few more hours?

15. Q- I had a Smart meter installed 6 months ago but bloke from @npower_ng came to read my meter 2 weeks ago! Crazy!!
A- Sir you must have us mistaken for the UK company @npowerhq
We are a Nigerian Social Investment Initiative.

16. Q- @npower_ng please, I logged in yesterday and it’s showing me invalid. I applied for npower teach. Help please
A- N-Teach Test now August 9th

17. Q- @npower_ng how do I know my exam date for N-teach pls. Or is every applicant writing on the same date, 9th?
A- We will update you sir.

18. COMMENDATION Appah Bunalayefa‏
N-power, empowering the Masses

19. Q- BY liman‏ @ellimselhaj
@npower_ng NPower thank you so much for your good work, you have touched life of many Nigerians including me. Thank you so much
A- Thank you too for sharing. Thank you so much for your kind words.

20. Q- liman‏ Asked
@npower_ng complained bitterly just this afternoon about not been paid, now I have been paid July stipend, I regret my impatience. Am sorry!
A- See, we told you. Thank you for tweeting the good news.

21. Q- @npower_ng don’t you guys go to bed? I’ve followed your tweets and replies keenly always, and I’ve had enough for today. Good night! Bye
A- We should go and sleep ba?

22. Q- @npower_ng great work, but to be frank, I’m already losing faith and hope considering the number of applicants. Forgive my pessimism..

A- Now now, Jesse. Don’t lose hope.

23. Q- The process will definitely be hijacked, hence forth, na person sabi person
A- You should have faith.

24. Q- @npower_ng Im unable to log in, was it because the test haven’t commenced for n-teach?
A- Yes.

25. Q- @npower_ng let’s say you didn’t see it the first time… ERM what’s the solution to ‘invalid login’ when one tries to login.
A- It means your BVN records don’t match your application

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26. Q- Nxt wk wednesday it is then! Lets just #calmdown. I guess d excuse must be worth d postponement. So #MuchMore #NPowerNG
A- Thank you Okiemute

27. Q- @npower_ng initially, i registered for Agro after which I register for health with the same bvn code, does that mean i won’t b selected
A- why though? It just means it registered only the first one you registered.

28. Q- I believe you will still come up with another date after the 9th, idiots, vagabonds and confused uncertain set of echelons!
A- We see. Noted.

29. Q- @harry‏ ASKED @npower_ng Is there a need to submit the unique number printout to the Local government for the recruitment.
A- Noooooo

30 Q- @npower_ng kindly assist with my log in for Npower teach 2017-00000984537-77. Thanks
A- Ma’am exam has been postponed till 9th of August, 2017.

31. Q- Hypernova‏ ASKED @npower_ng why is it showing invalid login when someone want to log In for test?
A- Log in for what test sir?

32. Q 62 Npower NG Teach FAQ  — #ItTakesAVilliage is to encourage voluntary community exercises either in agro or other community development
A- Great attempt

33. Q- Mathew U Felix‏ Said – Replying to @npower_ng
#PassionToprofit using ur salary to make out something reasonable that will help u and give u more profit
A- Great point. Want to attempt the #PassionToProfit?

34. Q- MACMILLIAN‏ @MACMILLIANAZ SAID- @npower_ng pls kindly use your good office to effect my July stipend.
A- By Order of “Our” good office, we ask that you wait a little while longer

35. Q- @npower_ng, please how is the N-Teach Assessment arranged? I will like to know when letter O will take the test. Thanks
A- Details will be communicated soon [ 62 Npower NG Teach FAQ ]

36. Q- Othman A Danbaba‏ @othmandanbaba SAID – Replying to @npower_ng
you even made me ashame of myself. I know u do enjoy and laugh much of our attitude. Thanks alot as u put a smile on my face.
A- No need to be ashamed, we understand. Oya smile
Keep smiling

37. Q- you even made me ashame of myself. I know u do enjoy and laugh much of our attitude. Thanks alot as u put a smile on my face.
A- Lol. Here to Serve you

38. Q- What of my friend who has not been paid since Dec, , can I send you a DM with her details on her behalf. Pls helppp her.
A- First you praise, then you ask. ?. We see you. Backlog payments will be done in batches.

39. Q- @npower_ng i haven’t seen my July stipend up till now…. What is happening npower.. Boy are not smiling ????
40 Q- Uptil now have not received my July stipend.
A- Shall we give them a few more hours?

41. Q- Me too i doubt their selection process because I think it is not going to be a seamless process adopted by @npower_ng
A- We are working in partnership with @npower_ng to ensure a fair and transparent selection process. #IDeclareDoYou

41. Q- with VIADS no in charge of tax selection, I have lost hope in the fairness of the proces
A- You should NOT!!! @VAIDSNG will be fair and transparent. Watch out for their updates.

43. Q- I saw on ur Facebook page that device we be giving out to NAgro at a particular venue in all the state, how valid is dis?
A- We never posted that sir


VAIDS‏ @VAIDSNG 23h23 hours ago
Hello prospective Community Tax Liaison Officers, this is for you;

62 Npower NG Teach FAQ
62 Npower NG Teach FAQ

Here is a brief About  VAIDS Nigeria

VAIDS Fully means [ Voluntary Assets and Income Declaration Scheme] (VAIDS)

VAIDS Vision

The Nigerian Voluntary Asset and Income Declaration Scheme (VAIDS) is a time-limited opportunity for taxpayers to regularize their tax status relating to previous tax periods and pay any taxes due. In exchange for fully and honestly declaring previously undisclosed assets and income, tax payers will benefit from forgiveness of overdue interest and penalties, and the assurance they do not face criminal prosecution for tax offenses or tax investigations.

VAIDS Objectives

The aim of the Nigerian Voluntary Asset and Income Declaration Scheme (VAIDS) is to provide taxpayers with a time-limited opportunity to regularize their tax status relating to previous tax periods and pay any taxes due. In exchange for fully and honestly declaring previously undisclosed assets and income, tax payers will benefit from forgiveness of overdue interest and penalties, and the assurance they do not face criminal prosecution for tax offences or tax investigations.

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45. Q- But I don’t know anyone @Ministry of Finance or @VAIDS….This one weak me die…..
A- They know you sir. As long as you applied, you will be briefed on the next stages. Calm down.

NOTE- Dear Ogun N-Power Agro Beneficiaries,
62 Npower NG Teach FAQ

46. 62 Npower NG Teach FAQ Q- @npower_ng Pls, Handle when seeing dis pls reply back HOW CAN I CHANGE 4rm #NTAX TO #NHEALTH?? Possible ways to help me out I’m worried….
A- It’s impossible sir.

47. Q- @npower_ng Boda Npower, when will NpowerAgro starts the real business. Shortlist these guys n let dem start farming now…Rain don dey gooo
A- “Sista” Olabisi, we all wait till everyone has taken the assessment tests.

62 Npower NG Teach FAQ

48. Q- I keep on log in but am not able to have assess to the dashboard, I did my registration on the 13 July
A- What did you apply for Ma’am?

49 Q- @npower_ng Hello, please is it true NPOWER has redirected further selection process VAIDS and have they started in Abuja?
A- Process has now been redirected to @VAIDSNG

50. Q- I made a draems that our devices are ready and it will distribute it in a coming few days. Pls can u prove me that?
A- Your dreams are valid.

51. Q- @npower_ng so NTax applicants shouldn’t expect any information from @npower_ng again? ???????????????
A- We will continue to provide as much information as we can

52. Q- Noted… But is @npower_ng still in charge and will continue to be in charge of others (agro, health & teach)?
A- Absolutely!!!

53. Q- how can someone’s bvn not match his records when he’s doing bank transactions with same records?
A- Criteria is your BVN records must MATCH your application sir. Error must be on your application.

54 Q- I made a draems that our devices are ready and it will distribute it in a coming few days. Pls can u prove me that?

A- Your Drem is True Sir

55. Q- @npower_ng am an existing participant my state of origin was input for me as Ekiti instead of Oyo hope that won’t affect device collection?
A- Who typed in Ekiti for you?

56. Q- Sir. I got new appointment I want to quit N-POWER how will I do?
A- Send us your details to our message box

57. Q- How many times will u guys postpone this exam….trying to frustrate.failed state
A- You applied for a Social Intervention Programme in a failed state?

58. Q- I’m smelling rat in this, abi why do you people keep postponing this test date naw
A- Is your rat cooked or fried?
Don’t read meaning into an act done for your benefit. 62 Npower NG Teach FAQ

NOTE- Good evening,
N-Teach Assessment Tests will now commence on the 9th of August, 2017.
We will share further details tomorrow.

59. Q- Please i am still appealing for December 2016 allowance be paid pls I have not received mine
A- Sir, did you work in December?

60. Q – i have not been paid a dime despite reporting daily to my PPA I am being posted to
A- We will open the DM to you now. Please send your details.

61. Q- Patient again working for almost 8month without stipend,only God can rescue me out of this victim
A- We will open the DM to you. Send your details.

62. Q- @npower_ng can I DM you about someone I know that draws another salary & still gets paid by N-POWER?
Whistleblower protection guaranteed pls
A- Absolutely!!! Thank you for service. 62 Npower NG Teach FAQ

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Here is an Update on NpowerNG on going Its takes A

Village Challenge, here are what is Entailed

According to a tweet by Npower Nigeria, Are you ready to join our #ItTakesAVillage challenge? Read deets below
#NPowerNG – Npower NG #ItTakesAVillage challenge

Many of you would have heard the term “It Takes a Village” but may have wondered what it meant.
Literally, it is a proverb which means it takes a community to raise a child. In the N-Power context, we think it means Community Action. #ItTakesAVillage is an opportunity for N-Power Volunteers in the same community to do something for their community weekly or as often as they’d like.

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  • Nwaokeleme Jeraldine j says:

    Please Sir, i applied for n-tax nd i’ve written d exams since last month. When will the names be shortlisted
    And , if someone applied for two positions. Will the person still write exams for the two? Thanks

    • Applygist says:

      ok, you will be contacted by Npower, Kindly Join our Whatsapp Group for latest Updates, message me and tell me I asjed you to do from Applygist.com my Wahtsapp Line is 08169561788

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