N-Power: N-Agro and N-Teach Test Postponed

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N-Power: N-Agro and N-Teach Test Postponed

N-Power: N-Agro and N-Teach Test Postponed

N-Power: N-Agro and N-Teach Test Postponed

# N-POWER POSTPONEMENT ASSESSMENT TEST – Many messages we have received from different N-Power applicants about the on going assessment test of the remaining two category namely N-Agro and N-Teach.

The delay has put worry in the mind of some N-Power applicants whether or not they will write the assessment test. Well, you all have nothing to worry or fear or panic about, because you are definitely going to write your N-Power Online Assessment Test like other categories did.

To all candidates that applied for N-Agro and N-Teach this article is for you please carefully read through it and adhere to the instruction in it, just as have promised you to keep you updated on any npower news and update.

The N-Agro are meant to commence their assessment test on the 10th July, but did not due to N-Tax and N-Health are not yet done with theirs, N-Agro was unable to commence their that is why you have not received SMS to write you assessment test

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Message getting to us from N-Power media that;

Now your test schedule will come to you by text messages

The BVN validation will affect the already publicized test schedule – The BVN Validation process will come before you are notified and its scale may affect the already publicized test schedule,

So if the publicized day passes be patient as you will receive a text from us.

Therefore, N-TAX and N-Health will continue to write their assessment tests.

N-Agro and N-Teach Assessment Test has NOT commenced yet

N-Agro and N-Teach Assessment Test has NOT commenced yet. This means that N-Tax and N-Teach Assessment and Screening Date has been postponed and the new date will be communicated to all applicants of N-Agro and N-Teach,

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So don’t worry if you have not written your assessment test you will receive SMS to write.

Be rest assured that we will update you on when the N-Agro and N-Teach will commence their online test.

Note: For the main time N-Tax and N-Health Assessment Test IS STILL ON and sending of SMS to participants is still on just wait and get yours.

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