Download eyenet handler vpn for more stability With Glo N0.0kb Unlimited Free Browsing!

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Download eyenet handler vpn

Download eyenet handler vpn

Hello everyone, Glo 0.0kb freebrowsing is still currently Blazing Hot Now on the new  Eyenet handler VPN,  To get more stability and the most out of this cheat, use with this settings, no much talk this time…

see below for configuration


For those currently using theirs you will have to clear the cache of the app + data too

If you don’t have one download here >>  Download EyeNet Handler v5.1 APK Download

EyeNet Handler v5.1

That’s the link download the app first from that link

Open the app, and configure below

Thick remove port ;

proxy type- real host;

proxy server-

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Download eyenet handler vpn

check and make sure the first letter R n G are on capital letter like you have seen and save then put your server to Japan and enjoy.Download eyenet handler vpn

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About Glo

In August 2003, Glo Mobile was launched in Nigeria. Glo Mobile introduced lower tariffs, pay per second billing and alongside other value added services. Although Glo Mobile was the fourth GSM operator to launch in Nigeria, within seven years of the company’s operation, its subscriber base has grown to over 25 million.

In June 2008, Glo Mobile was launched in Benin. Glo Mobile showed unprecedented growth through the sale of 600,000 SIM cards in the first ten days of operation Glo Mobile offered Per Second Billing, which charges subscribers for the exact airtime used. They also offered other value added services such as MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service), Glo Magic Plus news and information, vehicle tracking, musical ring-back tones and mobile banking.

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In May 2008, GLO acquired an operating license through its Glo Mobile division in Ghana and plans to capture 30% of the current 11 million subscriber market within 18 months of launch.

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