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How To Solve Adsense Showing 403 Forbidden Error

How To Solve Adsense Showing 403 Forbidden Error

How To Solve Adsense Showing 403 Forbidden Error

Google Adsense approval for website is not an easy task not to talk of finally getting one only to encounter 403 Forbidden. In this post, I will explain how to solve this problem.

403 Forbidden Error of Google Adsense

· What is 403 Forbidden error?

New AdSense users are the ones that often get 403 Forbidden errors. If your AdSense application was initially rejected and later got approved on reapplying, you are likely going to face this error. You would have even received an Adsense approval message just like the one below saying that ” Your account has been approved and ads will go live within few hours”.
But even after 48 hours, you may not see the ads. You will see a blank ad. If you check your website by right clicking -> Inspect -> Console , you will notice a 403 Forbidden error.
· Why does this 403 Forbidden error occur?

This happens when your application was initially rejected which cause Adsense crawlers not to deliver ads to your website and after you must have reapplied and got your account approved, Adsense crawlers may not be aware of this approval. We can refer to this as a technical error.
How To Solve 403 Forbidden error?

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1) Adsense code:

Check if your AdSense code is exactly same as the one on your Adsense account. You can check the AdSense code on your site by right clicking then click view page source or simple press ( Ctrl + U) . An HTML page will open. Use find option and check if the AdSense code is same.

2) Authorization your website on your Adsense account:

Go to Adsense account and Click Settings -> My sites -> click the blue (+) icon under Manage sites and add your website. Click the three dots icon and select authorization and check if ” Only Authorize my verified sites to use my ad code” is off.

3) Check with your hosting service:

Hosting services like Namecheap would have a mod rule applied. If you report them this issue, then they will place your domain on white list.

4) Switch off Cloudflare Rocketscript :

If you use CloudFlare on your site , make sure you switch off the Rocketscript because it breaks AdSense code from displaying. Go to your CloudFlare account >> Speed tab and check if the Rocket Loader is Off.

5) Report this at Adsense forum:

Go to Google Adsense help forum , and create a new thread explaining your problem. So that, adsense experts can check if your site has any other problems.

6) Use Adsense troubleshooter:

Go to Adsense Troubleshooter and then fill up the questions asked. Now, an AdSense Officer will directly contact you through email. Now, he will check out this issue and he will manually approve your account and then ads will start displaying within 24 hours.

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Note: Step 6 is very easy but don’t go to step6 directly because the Adsense officer will eventually ask you to go through the other steps first. However, each the Adsense officer’s replies takes hours.

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