Difference Between AMOLED And LCD Smartphone Displays

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Difference Between AMOLED And LCD Smartphone Displays

Difference Between AMOLED And LCD Smartphone Displays

If you’re a frequent reader of tech blogs the words AMOLED and LCD will certainly not sound strange to you. One of the biggest and most important parts of any smartphone is the display. The display is something you interact with dozens of times every day. It’s your window into the apps and tools that make up a smartphone.

Displays have gotten ridiculously good over the years, but they still fall under two types. A smartphone usually comes with either of these displays. These displays are quite different, but both have advantages. AMOLED is mostly found on Samsung phones and a few other random devices. Most smartphones, including the iPhone, come with LCD displays. The big question is

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What’s the difference between the two?

LCD stands for “Liquid Crystal Display.” These are the most common displays used in smartphones. Your TV and laptop probably have LCD displays. LCD is literally made from liquid crystals but that means it needs dual glass panels and a backlight. LCD displays are usually not as thin as AMOLED.
The colors are not too vibrant and the contrast isn’t very high high. Despite that, the colors generally look more realistic.
A common term that usual comes with LCD smartphone displays is “IPS,” which stands for “in-plane switching.” IPS offers wider viewing angles than other types of LCD displays, which is why it’s preferred for smartphones.

AMOLED is an acronym that stands for “Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode.”
The displays are made from a very thin layer of polymers that light up when given electric current is passed through it. Because of its design, AMOLED panels can be very thin and they don’t need a backlight.
AMOLED displays tend to be more energy efficient.

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LCD displays usually look more dull compared to AMOLED because they don’t have the same level of contrast. This is actually a good thing if you want colors to look more realistic . Another thing to compare is power consumption. AMOLED displays don’t need a backlight while LCD displays do. This makes AMOLED displays more energy efficient.
AMOLED is generally better for your eyes. Unlike LCD with its blue like display. However some LCD displays come with Miravision™ to protect your eyes but it’ll never be as good as the AMOLED display

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Which is better?
There are different kinds of LCD as well as AMOLED displays so I can’t say anyone is better. Samsung makes great devices with AMOLED , LG makes great devices with LCD. So everything depends on user preference. Which do you prefer?

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