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Npower Ng Registration 2017 41 Question and Answers

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Npower Ng Registration 2017 41 Question and Answers

Yes, I have completed the first stage of and was Given a Unique Reference number

Key Answeres

  • Between now and July 2017, you too can apply for any of the N-Power programmes.
  • If you Complete first registration Succesful, Congratulations, relax Npower will contact you for Next step
  • If you have completed this stage, then congratulations. you should be patient, NpowerNigeria is saying the next stage you will be contacted. So we take them by their words.
  • N-Power Retweeted Mallam.
    Answer.- He will be discovered and prosecuted. He should do the honourable thing and exit the programme so someone else can benefit.
    #NPowerNGN-Power added,
    Mallam. @aminu_bala
    Question.- What will be the consequences of @npower_ng beneficiary who secure another job?

Npower Ng Registeration 2017 41 Question and Answers

Npower Ng Registration 2017 41 Question and Answers

After getting NpowerNg Reference Number, What is the Next Step.  I was able to draw some Questions and Answeres about Npower Ng, Registration Process.


According to Questions people have been Asking on Twitter and on our Whatsapp group, our Npower Solution WhatsApp Group

N-Power Retweeted Billy Tate
Answer – How can we help?N-Power added,
Billy Tate @billyt8_er
Replying to @npower_ng
1 Question.- pls we need answers have been tweeting @ but no answers

N-Power Retweeted Ikenna
Answer .- Something about foul language?N-Power added,
Ikenna @Ikxnna
Replying to @npower_ng
2. Question. So you can converse with a certain handle over 2 threads of reply but won’t see a question I presume you know not the answer ? Why ignore?

N-Power Retweeted Temitope Falade
Answer .- Sir please log on to N-Power added,
Temitope Falade @FaladeTemmyt007
3. Question.- @npower_ng pls is this link one of the registration links? …

N-Power Retweeted Sheriff Esq.
Answer .- Excellent.N-Power added,
Sheriff Esq. @DahOneGuy
Replying to @npower_ng

Npower Ng Registration 2017 41 Question and Answers

4. Question.- thank you, its done now

Answer .- N-Power Retweeted Adeyemi
Yes sir. It is for people between the ages of 18 – 35.N-Power added,
Adeyemi @yfadeleke
Replying to @npower_ng
5 Question.- Is there age limit for the applicants?

N-Power Retweeted dmxbaba
Answer .- N-Power will contact you.N-Power added,
dmxbaba @dmxbaba1
Replying to @npower_ng
6. Question.- What next after registration…i got reference ID after registration

N-Power Retweeted Eta Ugbo
Answer .- Please close that page and reapply sirN-Power added,
Eta Ugbo @danielugbo
7. Question– @npower_ng Been trying to apply all day. Stuck at the BVN verification page. I applied via Microsoft Edge browser. Windows 10. Help! ?

N-Power Retweeted Oluwafolaranmi Ade
Answer .- Please close that page and reapplyN-Power added,
Oluwafolaranmi Ade @Kingfola1
Replying to @npower_ng
8. Question.- Having issues with ref. ID generation, and can’t reapply with the same bvn. Pls how do I resolve that?

N-Power Retweeted ajoze ganiyu
Answer .- People who applied for N-Tech last year will be contacted later this year.N-Power added,
ajoze ganiyu @ajozeganiyu
Replying to @npower_ng
9 Q.- please can people who applied for Npower Tech reapply and when are we going to be consider

N-Power Retweeted Monsieur Isaac
Answer – Next you wait for N-Power to contact youN-Power added,
Monsieur Isaac @eyezikk
Replying to @npower_ng
10 Question.- I got a reference number. What’s next?

Npower Ng Registration 2017 41 Question and Answers

N-Power Retweeted dans’J
Answer – Don’t be afraid sir. Go ahead and register.N-Power added,
dans’J @baji_d
Replying to @baji_d @npower_ng
11 Question.- Started the application but I was having issue with site when I try again a different page was open for me which is differ frm

N-Power Retweeted Oluwaseun
Answer .- No sir. Not at this time.N-Power added,
Oluwaseun @seun_dot
Replying to @npower_ng
12 Question. – pls is it open for non- graduates too?

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N-Power Retweeted Daramola Olarewaju C
Answer .-Please reapply.N-Power added,
Daramola Olarewaju C @Charlesneh_009
13. Question.- @npower_ng I want to register but it keeps asking me of my reference number before I can register . Please what can I do?

Answer – There were columns for each name. Did you input your surname in the first name column?N-Power added,
IamIzuken @IamIzuken
Replying to @npower_ng
14. Question.- Please clear me on the issue. Am I supposed to start with my surname? I started with my name and ended with my surname. Please help!

Answer – N-Power Retweeted hussein
When you registered, you didn’t get a reference number?N-Power added,
hussein @abdulkeks
15. Question– @npower_ng plz how can I get my reference number. My phone no s 08022675667. Ur email is not assessable

N-Power Retweeted Zainab ❤Sakshi
Answer .- ???. Please close that page and reapply.N-Power added,
Zainab ❤Sakshi @Zeegurama
Replying to @npower_ng
16 Question.- Pls solve my problem sir! I received so many reference number. In every section u wll send me a ref no.

N-Power Retweeted Okwuolise Ifeanyi
Answer – You complete your application and N-Power will contact youN-Power added,
Okwuolise Ifeanyi @OkwuoliseIfean2
Replying to @npower_ng
17 Question– But no provision for passport and credentials upload.So wat do I do?

Npower Ng Registration 2017 41 Question and Answers

Answer .- Please log off that page and reapplyN-Power added,
Sheriff Esq. @DahOneGuy
Replying to @npower_ng
18 Question– I cant seem to continue and save from the first page of introduction. is this a peculiar issue?

N-Power Retweeted YASEER
Good to hear.N-Power added,
YASEER @russian_factual
@npower_ng my application has been successful

N-Power Retweeted AD.Abubakar
A. Excellent.N-Power added,

AD.Abubakar @Abubakar38
19. Question. @npower_ng thank you for u grading the site …I have finally registered ????

Answer .- We are here to serve you.N-Power added,
Ilemona S. Alhassan @Ilemonasteven
Replying to @npower_ng
20 Question.- I commend npower official for their effort to make sure we the unpaid are paid.Thank you.I will call tomorrow.

N-Power Retweeted
21. Question.- @npower_ng just finished my registration, fast and easy, website worked on, kudos! Is there i way i can reconfirm my registration

Answer .- It is not a form sir, applications are filled online at N-Power added,
Godwin Julius @GodwinJulius1st
Replying to @jchubng @npower_ng and 6 others
22. Question.- I need Npower form for my younger sister who is an NCE holder, a trained teacher

Answer .- You are to call between 8am – 6pm Ma’am. It is 7.32pmN-Power added,
Mfoniso Awak @MfonisoAwak1
Replying to @npower_ng
23 Question .- please these numbers are not going have been trying, have not been paid since Dec all my details are correct

N-Power Retweeted jibson
Answer – Yes it is ?N-Power added,

jibson @jibson47
24-Question.- @npower_ng Please is my registration ok


When Abdul-Almin Asked Please sir

25-  Question.- Please sir npower_ng What’s next for me?

They replied

Answer – N-Power‏ 

Now you wait for N-Power to contact you.

Npower Ng Registration 2017 41 Question and Answers

Mustapha MMCD tweeted – N power registration after reference Number

Npower reply

 Npower Ng Registration 2017 41 Question and Answers

Congratulations! You have our best wishes.

Npower Ng Registeration 2017 41 Question and Answers

N-Power Retweeted Etawene Ella
Answer .- ?? that’s terrible. Do you want to try another browser? Do you want to look for a better Internet connection?N-Power added,
Etawene Ella @etawene
Replying to @npower_ng
26. Question.- It is just showing loading without going to the step wat should I do

Answer .- Please reapply sir!N-Power added,
Aminu Idris @el_ameedd
27. Question.- @npower_ng just received a feed back that my BVN has been used while I can’t even proceed to the next page. What can I do to rectify that?

N-Power Retweeted Boladale Olubunmi
Answer – Here to serve you and make the process easier.
#NPowerNGN-Power added,
Boladale Olubunmi @stillbunmi
Replying to @npower_ng
28 Question.- Thanks for upgrading the site. I was finally able to register!

N-Power Retweeted Oghene
Answer .- We are here to make the process easy for you.
#NPowerNGN-Power added,
Oghene @oghenekovwe
29, Question.- @npower_ng Thank you for upgrading the application website. This one is so much better.

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N-Power Retweeted Noah sunday
Answer .- Sir, please visit N-Power added,
Noah sunday @Noahsunday4
Replying to @npower_ng
30.Question.- Please, How Can I Apply?

N-Power Retweeted Mallam.
Answer .- He will be discovered and prosecuted. He should do the honourable thing and exit the programme so someone else can benefit.
#NPowerNGN-Power added,
Mallam. @aminu_bala
31 Question.- What will be the consequences of @npower_ng beneficiary who secure another job?

Replying to @Allurin_mustiee @stillbunmi @npower_ng
Yes…. It easy and fast.

N-Power Retweeted DonOsetic Acid
Answer .- N-Power will contact you shortly.N-Power added,
DonOsetic Acid @iam_osetic
32, Question @npower_ng please, after getting the reference l.D, what’s next.

Replying to @npower_ng
1. I applaud the efforts of the govt,I hope the database has the ability to reject double registration?

Npower Ng Registration 2017 41 Question and Answers

Replying to @npower_ng
2.- @jibiro97 I can confirm it’s working smoothly. I just did for my neighbour. Like me, try another browser if the one u’r using is not opening.

N-Power Retweeted Abdul-Alim
Answer .- Now you wait for N-Power to contact you.N-Power added,
Abdul-Alim @Aigaleem
32. Question.- Please sir @npower_ng What’s next for me?

N-Power Retweeted Heykinse
Answer .- Please reapply sirN-Power added,
Heykinse @A_Harbraham
33. Question.- @npower_ng, please how do I generate my reference ID? I input my bvn details and network was bad then,

N-Power Retweeted Jibiro
A.- Sir, please reapply again. Portal is running smoothly.N-Power added,
Jibiro @jibiro97
34 Question.-@npower_ng I try to uplaod my mail and number,the system is not working since morning,up to now is showing me the same case.What do i do now

Answer – N-Power Retweeted Ayuba Ibn Braimah ??
You will be contacted shortly by the N-Power team.N-Power added,
Ayuba Ibn Braimah ?? @Ayuba_B
35 Question.- @npower_ng please after someone get to the stage of getting reference number, what is the nest step?

N-Power Retweeted Ramadan Mubarak ?
Answer .- Sir, you will need to visit to study the details of the programmes and select one that best suits your aspirations.N-Power added,
Ramadan Mubarak ? @alaysa14
36 Question.- @npower_ng Pls, I studied Banking and finance, what would be more suitable for me to apply?

N-Power Retweeted Muzammil Mohd
Answer– No sir. You can’t. Maybe N-Teach?N-Power added,
Muzammil Mohd @Muzee__
37, Question A.- @npower_ng Hello, pls i read Bsc Computer science, can i apply for N-health

N-Power Retweeted Titus A. Omoniyi
Answer .- Sure sir. Go on apply.N-Power added,
Titus A. Omoniyi @Great_Ay
38, Question.- Hello, pls i read Bsc Chemistry, can i apply for NAGRO?

N-Power Retweeted Mustapha Mmcd
Answer .- Congratulations! You have our best wishes.N-Power added,

Mustapha Mmcd @Mustaphammcd
38 Question.- Thank you @npower_ng registration done successfully.

N-Power Retweeted Innocent Iruedeemi
Answer .- Sir, please reapply.N-Power added,
Innocent Iruedeemi @iCENT_C
Replying to @npower_ng
39 Question.- incorrect BVN, please help… What should I do?

Replying to @npower_ng
Question.- Thanks for responding to people’ questions, i laud your effort. Though i’m now Npowered. Thanks to FG! #NpowerNG

N-Power Retweeted Abdulbasit
Answer .- Excellent. Please keep your reference number. An email will be sent to you shortly.N-Power added,
Abdulbasit @abdulbasit_tj
Replying to @npower_ng
40 Question.- Pls sir, have done the registeration successfully?

Answer .- Please reapply nowN-Power added,
Monsieur Isaac @eyezikk
Replying to @eyezikk @npower_ng
41 Question.- Please, I’m constantly getting BVN INCORRECT when ever I try submitting. What can I do?

N-Power Retweeted Temitope Falade
Answer – Sir, please reapply now.N-Power added,
Temitope Falade @FaladeTemmyt007

42 Question– @npower_ng Pls I clicked on Create Account and it loaded for hours. I later refreshed d page and retried, ‘BVN already used’ is what I got

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