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Newbie’s guide: Becoming a Hacker 02

Newbie’s guide: Becoming a Hacker 02

Newbie’s guide: Becoming a Hacker 02

Like I said in Newbie’s guide: Beoming a Hacker 01, Hacking is hard work. Thats why Hackers must have a constant state of mind. Hacker need to have a constant need to expand there knowledge. Information indicates that most hackers are between the age of 15 -25, I suggest you tell your friends that you are busy and you can’t go to partys. On the other hand you could be a geek which is great. Because, geeks don’t worry about there social status which leaves more time for more important things such as thinking. But, if you are not a geek, don’t be discouraged. There are many non-geek hackers as well. Just make sure you read my How to Become a Gook Hacker guide and follow the instructions.

Now moving to the state of mind. Learning, is essential to hacking. You must first learn then hack. You cannot be lazy. To become a hacker you also need to read a lot. How else are you going to learn. Laziness and boredom are enemies to a hacker. A hacker should aways be learning and never be bored. If this seems like to much, you shouldn’t be a hacker. To become a sucessful hacker, it takes around 2-4 years depending on intelligence and how much work you put into it.

Newbie’s guide: Becoming a Hacker 02

Becoming a hacker is not easy. I cannot stress this enough. It is not to discourage you be to warn you. You must spend at least 4hrs a day on the computer or reading computer related materials.

But, you don’t have to learn everythink all by yourself. You can share knowledge with hackers you know or you can go to a 2600 meeting. If you do not know what that is go to www.2600.com to find out.

Now on to the basic skills.
There are many necessary skills to become a hacker. The most important one of them all is you must know how to program. I recommend learning Python as the first programming language. It is simple, clean and efficient. Python is free so you can get a copy of it at www.python.org. There are good tutorials on the website so chances are you won’t have to go out and spend $40 dollars on a book. But, once you get familiar with Python, I do recommend you get the book Programming with Python (Its part of the O’Reilly Collection and it $54.95). The examples in the book are complex so I recommend you build some modules or test other’s modules with Python before you get the book.

Java is another must learn. Java encoding and decoding are much faster than Pythons but its slightly more difficult. Learn it as a second language.

Newbie’s guide: Becoming a Hacker 02

But, it doesn’t stop there. Hackers need to know many other languages. Hackers must know C and C++, but they are very difficult to learn which is why its not recommended that you learn them first. To the point where you can learn a new language every 2-3 days, is when you have perfected the art of programming.

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Other must know languages are Perl and LISP. I strongly suggest that you know these two languages because they are so popular in todays web.

Newbie’s guide: Becoming a Hacker 02

HTML is also important to learn. It is not a programming language but all hackers know HTML. Because it is so easy to learn, I do not think that there will be any problem for anyone to learn it. There are a lot of junk out there about HTML and you might get lost in all the junk so I recommend the book (HTML & XTML The Definitive Guild 5th edition) by Chuck Musciano & Bill Kennedy. Its $39.95 and you should be able to find it in your local book store.

You also must know how to run a unix-box. I suggest getting one of the versions of Unix (like Linux). Its free so you don’t have to spend a dime. To see how to get a free copy please go back to this  https://applygist.com/2017/06/newbies-guide-becoming-hacker.html

There are a few simple rules you must follow to insure you don’t get caught:

1. Never click on a sign in icon.
They trace you and bust you.

2. Always be careful don’t tell people about hacking that you don’t trust

3. Use a lame_box to get the victim computer.

To get a lame_box, there are websites that allow you to use there shell box for free so that could be your lame_box.

Don’t hack into Military, goverment, big company boxes or your screwed.

For beginners hack .edu or .org server.

Of course the safest way is not to get caught at all. If you don’t know what a lame_box is go back to Newbie’s Guide 01

Now we will learn about the more technical stuff.

Lets begin with the basics. Ports allow a box to offer the services to another box.

The most common ports are 21,23,25,80,110.

21- FTP
23- Telnet
25- SMTP
80- HTTP
110- POP3

These are the most common ports but there are much more than that. Thats why you need a port scanner to find out which of the ports are open.

Nmap is a good scanner but there are many others.

To install nmap download it in .rpm form.
They have it in a .exe form now so if you wish to just experiment with hacking or don’t have a unix box (You should have one by now).

To download it go to www.insecure.org and they have a lot of information on NMAP.

Then go into bash a linux program similar to dos that you should have learned by now if you didn’t go get the book Running Linux.

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After the download, type in command from bash.

install it.

To run it
bash$ nmap -sS target.com

It will show all the ports that are open, and the state of the port and the service of the port. It will also to a tcp sequence prediction and a remote operating system guess. The remote operating system guess is extremely important. The nmap program guesses what the servers operating system is. There is another way to do it as i will show below.

lets say port 21 is open.

In bash type in:
bash$ telnet target.com 21
trying __.__.__.__
connected to target.com
target.com FTP server (XXXXXOS XX) ready
connection closed by foreign host.

The XXXX in quotations stands for the operating system the server is using.

Just by doing that you have found out the operating system.

If you find that the operating system that is shown when you telnet into port 21 is different from the operating system guess during the nmap scan, the server is probabaly faking there operating system. I would go with the operating system guess during the nmap scan. It is probably the more accurate of the two.

Now we should try port 25.

bash$ telnet target.com 25
trying __.__.__.__.
connected to target.com
target.com closing connection
connection closed by foreign host.

The XXXX is the daemon that is begin used.

Now you know the SMTP daemon and the version, and the operating system.

If there are other ports that you found go ahead and telnet into them to check it out.

WARNING !! (Telnet is not illegal so you can telnet as much as you want but some ISP may step in and take action if they find a large amount of Telneting. But, as long as they have no proof of you breaking into computers you are fine.)

I realize this tutorial may be confusing so if you have any questions, comment below.

Newbie’s guide: Becoming a Hacker 02

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