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Lenovo Self Bending Laptop

Lenovo Self Bending Laptop

Experience Another Revolution with the Lenovo Bend Laptop Set to Roll End of the Year


Lenovo Self Bending Laptop
Lenovo at an event Lenovo Transform NYC 2017 launched an incredible Self Bending Laptop this is one of the great Inventions in the Tech industry a Laptop concept design from the tech giant, Lenovo said they intend on launching this one-of-a-kind laptop at the end of the year.

Lenovo Self Bending Laptop

YouTube Lenovo Transform NYC 2017

Taking its Yoga range a little too seriously, Lenovo announced the anniversary edition of the ThinkPad, a truly offbeat, futuristic laptop that folds open and closed, not via a hinge, but using a technology that gives the laptop a property to be truly flexible. It may seem unbelievable but Lenovo’s rather invested in this technology and they did debut a working model of the bendable phone in October last year. The initial portrayal of the concept immediately shows off the bending body that one-ups Microsoft’s Surface Book by even getting the screen (almost squarish, rather than the accepted 16:9 ratio) to bend.

I’m sure many readers and users worldwide including those at applygist.com will say they want a Laptop that has the ability to bend. Anyways, Lenovo has revealed a flexible ThinkPad Laptop which has in addition to many features,

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  1. conjoined Keyboard
  2. stylus support
  3. And a Screen That Folds in on itself.
  4. Voice Command
  5. Screen Technology
  6. multiple input methods
  7. always be connected and always on
  8. Lenovo Self Bending Laptop

The Electronic Company Lenovo invested so much on building the Laptop the ability to have Voice Command. with Screen Technology. The Laptop will always be connected and always on, as they reveled with multiple input methods and will make use of sound technology just as it is with artificial intelligence to feed users information they need at a given point in time.

lenovo self bend Laptop Spec


In a statement at NY,



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