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Amore.ng News Website

Amore.ng News Website

Great News, the long Awaited Amore.ng news portal is now Live.

Hold on, in case you are looking for the most dynamic news and informative center, then this media company got you covered. I will introduce you to Amore.ng in a few moments.

Amore.ng News Website

What is Amore.ng?
According to Amore.ng, Amoré is a Nigerian multi-platform media and entertainment company that attempts to accurately and respectfully narrate the tales of the everyday life of the Nigerian (home and abroad).

We are passionate about providing crisp, fresh and relevant content in the converging media space that can appeal to the “mass-clusives” and those curious about Africa.

We don’t pretend to have all the answers (or maybe even any) but we are going on a journey to discover ourselves and the environments in which we find ourselves.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously and beg you not to either (there are only two certain things in life – death and taxes!). We want to challenge the status quo and we want to help be part of the change so desperately needed in our communities.

Amore.ng News Website

We ask you to join us on this journey by contributing, engaging, provoking, evoking and sharing but we only ask that you do so with a modicum of kindness. Life is already hard, let’s not make it any harder!

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When was it launched?
As e dey hot, the website was launched in June 2017. And information is live. I personally Could see content on June 11, 2017, after few days of site maintenance

Why Choose Amore.ng?
Well on sure thing I can tell you about Amore.ng is that you are never going to be in the dark because Amore.ng seeks to deliver news, information sport, local and international news with you the reader in mind.


What Makes Amore.ng Different?

They are different because information published on the website is verified, reliable accurate and on time. No stale news, no fake news. Read news from Amore.ng

Where is Amore.ng Located?

If I understand you well, then I will say Amore.ng is located on the internet, to read your news, simply get internet access, go to your browser and search Amore.ng. You will be taken to Amore.ng right away. They but if you mean Physical Location, they are located at  Latitude 6° 19′ 56.28” to 6° 25′ 57.52” N; Longitude 03° 59′ Just Kidding this may not be 100%accuratee.

What is the Amore website url ?

Its very simple, Amore.ng.

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What Languages can I read an article on?

On Amore.ng has articles written in English, French, Hausa, German. As major languages at the time of this publication. Thye company have you in mind. If you don’t get flowing with English stories, you can easily Navigate to the  Non-Eglish section of the website home page, a drop down menu will appear, then select your preferred language to see articles written in various languages exclusively.

How do I send articles to Amore.ng or Guest Post?

Well so far we can’t get such information yet, but am sure if such opportunity is available, Amore.ng will make it very clear.

Visit Amore.ng for more

Amore.ng News Website

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