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How To DDos An IP And Crash A Website


How To DDos An IP And Crash A Website

How To DDos An IP And Crash A Website

How To DDos An IP And Crash A Website

NOTE: Please note that this is a knowledge base article, giving information on how to DDos an IP. This however, does not promote or advises the readers to crash websites or IP addresses. It imparts knowledge about DDos and its tricks and tips, Applygist.com will not be held responsible for any damages or whatsoever.

How To DDos An IP And Crash A Website

If you have wondered ever, how hackers manage to hack websites and take them down – don’t be surprised to know that there are several methods used by hackers. Using the Distributed Denail of Service Attack you can crash a small website without much trouble going about the process to crash a website.

How To DDos An IP And Crash A Website

What is DDos?

The one key knowledge about the internet and the multitudes of websites that it hosts is that these are hosted on a server. However, it is common knowledge that every web server is limited with an individual capacity to handle requests at a given point in time.

The trick to perform a DDos is to overload the web server or the operating system with multiple requests simultaneously. Since the website server is overloaded it will not be able to handle the requests which will result the system to hang and eventually shuts down inevitably.

Since the server shuts down it crashes the website or takes it down temporarily. The trick is that when you DDos a website, it results to the website losing the allotted bandwidth hence resulting to crash a website. Overburdening a network with enormous amount of requests simultaneously will result in discontinuation of the transmission of data between a server and a user website.

How To DDos An IP Or Website?

ddos attack

This entire process to DDos an IP causes a website to go temporary in a down state or suffer a server inaccessible problem. The only way to bring the server up and running is by the system administrator analysing all requests resulting from the DDos a website.

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Below are a few methods on how to DDos a website or an IP. These are the commands mentioned below which need to be followed to result the crash of a server.

How To DDos Website Manually Using Command Prompt

ddos an ip using cmd

Fine Compatible Website

Find a website that is small and compatible and you want to DDos attack

Search IP Address

Search the IP address of this website. In order to fetch this IP address use the command:

ping www.example.com –t

IP Address

You will get an IP address which looks similar to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx and has numbers

Type Following Command

Next type the command: ping [ip address] -t -l 65500

Run The Command For Long Time

Now run this command for a long time, preferably for several hours. If feasible use multiple computers to execute this command simultaneously

Visit Website After Few Hours

Visit the website after a few hours

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Server Unavailable

The website will show “server unavailable” or “website is temporary down” message

A quick note to remember is that your internet connection should have an unlimited bandwidth or it will result in the loss of bandwidth to perform this task.

LOIC Automatic DDos Attack For Website:

If you aim to shut down a website completely, you will require the help of the tool named LOIC, also the abbreviation for Low Orbit Ion Canon. Below are the steps to how to DDos any website using this tool:

how to ddos using loic

Download LOIC Software

First you will need to download the LOIC software from the link given below:

  How To DDos An IP And Crash A Website


Extract It To Desktop

After the software is downloaded, extract it to the Windows desktop

No Installation Required

When you double click the icon the software will open. It is a portable software hence requires no installation process

Enter Website

Insert the website URL that you wish to crash

Enter IP Address (Optional)

Though it is not required but you can also put the IP address in the IP field, which you can find from the ping command on Windows

Press Lock On

Next press the “lock on” tab

Attack Option

Under the option ‘Attack‘ -> Don’t make changes to timeout, HTTP ssubsite or the speed bar

  How To DDos An IP And Crash A Website

TCP/UDP Message Option

Under the option ‘TCP/UDP Message‘ -> you can choose to mention whatever you want

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Port Option

Under the option ‘Port‘ -> change it to the value of the target website to be hacked (the value “80” works for most cases)

Method Option

Under the option ‘Method‘ -> select the option UDP from a dropdown menu

Change Thread Value

In case you have a really good computer you can change the thread value to 20, or the default 10 should work fine


Now press the “IIMA CHARGIN MAH LAZER” button

Run this software for a minimum of one hour. After an hour visit the targeted website. It will show an error message called “Service Unavailable“.

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Use Google Spreadsheet To DDos an IP Or Website

It is a known fact that Google uses a ‘feedfetcher crawler‘ in order to capture the image and then it displays the cache image. Similarly, Google also uses the similar technique for Google Spreadsheet to cache and display any image which is commanded inside =image(“”) value.

For instance, if you input =image(“http://www.example.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/LOIC.png”) function in a Google spreadsheet, it will fetch the image and then display it from the cache.

ddos a website using google spreadsheet

The trick here is, if you use a random parameter request, it commands feed fetcher crawler to skulk the very same file numerous times. However, if one uses a large pdf file link, Google feedfetcher crawler will be unable to fetch anything. Though, it will crawl the same website several times which will result in a stacks of outgoing bandwidth hence resulting in a traffic loss. The best part about this trick is that it results in no loss of your bandwidth, since it is fetching nothing.

ddos through google spreadsheet

A targeted traffic of up to 250GB can be executed within as less as 45 minutes using a single laptop.

How To DDos An IP And Crash A Website

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