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How To Re-Print JAMB Slip For 2017 To Show Your Center And Exam Date

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Re-printing 2017 JAMB SlipYou may be asking, how do I Re-Print my Jamb slip for Jamb 2017 so as to see my exam center and date? I will show you the golden steps to re-print JAMB 2017 slip without mistakes.

You can reprint it within a few minutes and it costs nothing!

This Exam Slip has extremely important information about the confirmation of your actual exam date for the new candidate and also the venue for his exam.

Although, previously JAMB told the candidates that they should reprint the slips on 25th of April, Yet, they couldn’t meet up.

You should know that you can now reprint JAMB slip any day you want between 8th and 13th of May 2017.

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Candidates who re-printed on the indicated day by Jamb could not get their center, this is as a result of shift in exam date and registration deadline.

Remember that the reprinting must be carried out only using a computer system that has an attached printer.

If you need to use a mobile phone for reprinting, you should not use Opera Mini on JAMB official website.

It doesn’t cost much to print the slip. It is highly advisable that you make photocopies of the slip. You will need it later.

Steps To Re-Print JAMB 2017 Exam Slip

It is very easy to do that. Just follow the simple instructions below:

1. First, you go to the JAMB website @

2. Login to your Jamb Profile by entering your email and Password.

3. You should look at the right corner of the page; there is a bold, green heading with words ‘Re-Print Your Slip’. Then click on it.

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3. You should write your JAMB registration number in the provided space and then click ‘Re-Print’.

4. You will get the information of your exact date of the exam you’ve received; time and also venue will appear on the slip now.

5. You should now click to reprint the JAMB slip via your printer or just press ‘ctrl’ and then ‘P’ on your keyboard.

JAMB 2017 registration portal

JAMB portal is always there to help you. If you face any problems while reprinting, write them a message.

NOTE: Jamb has started sending exam date and venue via email. Click here to Check now. 


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