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NYSC SAED Connect: How To Make Full Use Of This Platform

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NYSC SAED Connect: How To Make Use Of This Platform

NYSC SAED Connect: How To Make Use Of This Platform

NYSC SAED Connect: How To Make Use Of This Platform

​Here is a post which is going to give you full details on all you need to know about the NYSC SAEDConnect platform. In this post we are going to give you a step by step guide on how to register on, the benefits and uses of this platform.

SAED simply means Skill acquisition and emtrepreneurship development, and if you are a serving corps member you are sure to have come accross this abbreviation before.

The NYSC has intensified efforts to bring skill acquisition to all serving corps member in the federation, as it is now an open secret that there is not enough jobs for the employable Nigerian youths.

With most youths having easy access to the world wide web, it is reasonable that a platform created for them (SAEDConnect) has an online presence.

This platform is going to bring SEAD trainers and students together on the web, you can host video trainings, fix meetings, discuss ideas and lots more. And one good thing is, this platform is free.

NYSC SAED Connect: How To Make Use Of This Platform

What is the official portal of SAED Connect?

The official portal is

Honnestly, I was surprised when I first visited this platform, it is really well built and sure to give you an awesome user experience. Am sure on your first visit to the platform, the doubting Thomas in you would make you believe it was created in Europe.

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How to signup on SAED Connect platform –

Now this is likely to be the main reason you are on this page. Trust me, creating an account with SAED connect is simple, just as easy as you opened this web page. Before we proceed with the step by step guide please note, to have a smooth registration process, I recommend you don’t use Opera or UC Browser, you can most preferably use Chrome or Firefox browser. And this registration can be done both on mobile and PC.

Here we go…and you are going to be done in just 12 steps….

1. Visit the SAEDConnect portal

2. You are going to be greeted by an awesome looking homepage, don’t be overwhelmed, just click Get Started , to continue

3. You are going to be taken to SAED Connect Sign up page

4. Fill in your personal details correctly (Name, Email, Phone number, Sex, Location, and password)

5. Click Continue.

6. Since you selected that you are a serving corps member on the previous page, you are going to be required to verify that

7. Now on the next page select your batch, State of deployment, and school (i.e institution you graduated from).

8. More forms pops up

9. Now input your unique NYSC Call-up number

10. And state code

11. Click Complete

12. You are going to get a confirmation mail in your Email box which you are going to need to verify your registration

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That’s all.

NYSC SAED Connect: How To Make Use Of This Platform
Why should I signup on NYSC SAED Connect Platform?

You might be wondering the uses of the platform, and why you should use that data of yours to signup on this platform. Well, the benefits of SAED Connect is endless. Am going to give you just a few, the few I have explored in the last few hours.

– You can easily connect with your trainer

– You can get cotact information of all accredited SAED traniers

– Free access to SAED Video lessons

– You can get jobs on this platform, there is a timeline where you can post anything. I have seen people use this to advertise what the do. You trust Nigerians, we make full use of all opportunities.

And lots more which am yet to discover (if you discover them before I do, let us know at

There you have it on “NYSC SAED Connect: How to sign up and make full use of this platform.” Love to hear your experience on this platform.

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