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Luno Bitcoin is Back in Nigeria you can now withdraw directly to your bank account

Luno Bitcoin is Back in Nigeria

Luno Bitcoin is Back in Nigeria

If you can remember what happened earlier this year, Luno Bitcoin got into a huge scandal where their bank in Nigeria got rozen. This resulted in a publication released by them. 

IMPORTANT – We have deactivated bank transfers, meaning that you can no longer directly transfer naira to our Stanbic account. Your funds will not be credited to your Luno account.

Please fund your account by using a debit or credit card.
Just visit your Luno wallet funding screen and follow the instructions:
Card payments are authenticated with 3D-Secure as an extra step to protect consumers and ensure that only the account holder uses the card.

However , the good news now is that they are Back and Luno Bitcoins is now Very much Active in Nigeria. According to a press release by Luno Bitcoins,

Luno Bitcoin is Back in Nigeria


As you may be aware, we have been experiencing issues processing naira withdrawals.
We are pleased to announce that as of today, 23 May 2017, we are able to process naira withdrawals again.

Since the account was blocked on 31 March 2017, we’ve approached the court through our lawyers to request them to lift the freeze order on our bank account.

After working tirelessly with all involved parties to resolve this issue, our Stanbic account was unfrozen. We are unfortunately unable to provide more details of the investigation at this point.

If you would like to request a naira withdrawal, keep in mind that Luno processes withdrawals from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays and weekends, according to this schedule

Important Point to note

Please remember that it is against our terms and conditions to request withdrawals to third party bank accounts, and ensure that you only withdraw naira to your personal bank account. Failure to do so will result in your withdrawal not to be processed.

Take Advantage  Luno Bitcoin is Back in Nigeria

Buy and sell and Get Cash Directly to your Bankl Account No worries, we have tested and its Persfect.

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