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How to Install Samsung Custom ROM on Tecno C8

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How to Install Samsung Custom ROM on Tecno C8

How to Install Samsung Custom ROM on Tecno C8

How to Install Samsung Custom ROM on Tecno C8

There’s no doubt that there is fun in experimenting with android phones. To this effect, we can now install custom rom on tecno c8. This article will enlighten us specifically on how to install the Samsung s6 imitation Rom on Tecno camon 8 (Tecno c8). For the sages out there who love experimenting with android phones, then this is for you. For this procedure to work, you need to be running the android 5.0 lollipop.

How to Install Samsung Custom ROM on Tecno C8

Be warned that this procedure will void your warranty. Don’t attempt to install it on any other model apart from Tecno C8 it may end up bricking. Please proceed with caution.

  1. A custom recovery CWM download it from here
  2. The ROM download it from here
  3. Charge the battery to a minimum 30%.
  4. SP Flash tool downloads from the official site here
  5. PDA Net {it has ADB drivers which are required for flash tool to work} install it from here
  6. A Computer running windows 7 or higher
  7. USB Cable
  8. Tecno C8 Phone running android 5.0 lollipop
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NOTE: We are first required to install a custom recovery since the stock or default one is signed and cannot flash unofficial software. Additionally, you need to have Adb drivers for sp flashtool to work The ADB Driver can be easily installed by just installing PDA NET install it from here. Alternatively you can also install VCOM Drivers which is a bit more complex learn how to install from here

Procedure on How to Install/flash CWM Recovery on Tecno c8

  1. unzip the CWM Recovery you downloaded as requirement one on your desktop
  2. Launch your Sp Flash Tools as an Administrator
  3. On SP Flashtool, tap on “Scatter Loading” and navigate to the “CWM RECOVERY ” folder unzipped in step 1 above, select the scatter file, then click Download.
  4. connect your swithed off  TECNO C8 using a working USB CABLE
  5. A progress bar should start running.
  6. Wait till you get a Success message (green circle with OK), do not interrupt.
  7. disconnect your device and turn it on.

We have now successfully flashed CWM recovery on tecno c8. The next step is now to install the samsung custom ROM on tecno c8. Proceed as follows.

Procedure to Install Samsung Custom ROM on Tecno C8

  1. Copy the ROM zip file downloaded as requirement two to internal memory storage (do not copy it in any folder).
  2. Boot into the recovery mode. That is, turn off your device then press and hold power button + Volume Up
  3. Once in the recovery menu, factory reset the phone first. Navigate CWM recovery “wipe data/factory reset>Yes – Wipe all user data”.
  4. Second wipe cache. Go to “wipe cache partition>Yes- Wipe Cache”.
  5. Now it is time to install the ROM zip file you copied in step one above.
  6. Go to “install zip>choose zip from sdcard”. Then browse the zip file on your internal sdcard
  7. Then select “Yes – Install”.
  8. After installation it’s advisable to wipe the cache partition.
  9. Now everything completed, select “reboot system now”.
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Congratulation, you have just installed a custom ROM on tecno camon 8. Normally first boot takes more than two minutes. Your phone should look like this after the reboot.

Custom ROM on Tecno C8Custom ROM on Tecno C8

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