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Bitcoin Scam Alert CEX.IO – Do not buy bitcoins from cex.io the site is not secured

Bitcoin Scam Alert

Hello Applygist readers, today I will make a quick review on Bitcoin Scam Alert over this website cex.io. Please, note that my article have no intention of causing any damage to cex.io reputation, but based on my own observation, the website has not made adequate security settings on the website that can guarantee customer usage.

Before we proceed, let’s take a look at what they got to offer. before we ask if cex.io is a Scam Bitcoin buy/sell website

Bitcoin Scam Alert


About CEX.IO

CEX.IO is a perfect marketplace for buying Bitcoins in a few clicks. Simply create an account and deposit funds in USD, EUR, RUB, or in your local currency. After funds are successfully credited to your account, you can easily buy Bitcoins right away. Bitcoins then can be kept on your balance in a safe cryptocurrency cold storage, traded, or withdrawn to personal wallets at any moment. Bitcoin Scam Alert

Bitcoin Scam Alert

Buy Bitcoins with Credit Card

CEX.IO claims to provide the best experience of buying Bitcoins with payment cards on the market. Literally, we provide an opportunity to buy Bitcoin in just a few clicks with almost any type of the card issued in any currency of the world. The number of cards linked to a profile is absolutely unlimited. Card credentials are safely stored in the card manager of each user’s profile. A PCI DSS certificate confirms that we store, process and transmit data securely.


Buy Bitcoins with Bank Transfer

Buying Bitcoins with cash on your bank account is very beneficial, especially for large deposit amounts. Upgrade your account to Individual Business or Corporate type and enjoy lots of advantages, such as extended payment opportunities, custom trade conditions, and priority support. You can also use SEPA for easier deposits in Euros

Having understood what cex.io is all about, I can say they have a great approach to the wide world, an accommodating lot of customers.

Things you must note about Cex.io Unsecured website

In 2016, they contacted us to place a deal with applygist.com, we, however, took just 30 seconds to check the website and reply back to them that cex.io is not a secured website and we are afraid of transacting with them.

But in a split of seconds, they responded by saying the website was secure. We totally forgot about them, not until March 2017 when we decided to buy some bitcoin, we stumble on their ads online. We discover they spend so much on Google Adsense Ads, but the web security still seems to be taken for granted.

Danger Buying bitcoin from unsecured bitcoin trading platforms

There are quite a number of dangers associated with visiting unsecured with no SSL encryption websites. Hackers can easily manipulate the website and the following could result

  • Money of Bitcoins stolen
  • Credit card information Phished
  • You may loose your deposit any day as hackers could break through loopholes on the website and have lordship over it
  • Your information is never safe
  • details provided to third party agents are not safe
  • And prone to cyber attacks among others.

How Do we know Cex.io is not secured? Bitcoin Scam Alert

When you visit any seriously minded web page, an especially website that has business collecting customer personal information, it is expected to contain SSL sucurity certificates.
What is an SSL Certificate?

According to GlobalSign, a profession SSL information agency, SSL Certificates are small data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to an organization’s details. When installed on a web server, it activates the padlock and the https protocol and allows secure connections from a web server to a browser.  In simple terms, typically, SSL is used to secure credit card transactions, data transfer, and logins, and more recently is becoming the norm when securing browsing of social media sites.

Check https://cex.io/ this information seems to be missing, thereby this leads to our claims of the platform unsuitable for financial dealings especially on Large Scale base of over 1BTC.

To verify this, the below screen shot shows CEX OI having no such security and thereby serving 100% Bitcoin Scam risk 

Bitcoin Scam Alert



CEX IO fix this issues now or loose customers 


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