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Teachers Apply for NASUWT 12 months of free Membership

Teachers Apply for NASUWT 12 months of free Membership


The National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers (NASUWT) is a TUC-affiliated trade union representing teachers, including headteachers, throughout the United Kingdom.

The Union organises in all sectors from early years to further education and represents teachers in all roles including heads and deputies. With over 300,000 members it’s the second largest teachers’ union in United Kingdom. The NASUWT claims to be independent of any political party, and seeks to influence educational policy on behalf of its members with national government and the devolved assemblies in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Why join the NASUWT?

Our philosophy of putting teachers first means that we will campaign on your behalf and support and represent you to ensure that you are recognised and rewarded as a highly skilled professional and have working conditions which enable you to focus on your core role of teaching, leading teaching and learning.

In addition, as a member you will have access to professional advice and guidance, a wide range of opportunities for professional development and training and many other benefits. Teachers Apply for NASUWT  12 months of free Membership

Free membership offer
Any teachers joining the NASUWT for the first time will receive 12 months of free membership from the point they join the Union.

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This is reliant on the joining member providing direct debit details for payment of future subscriptions at the point of joining and agreeing to pay future direct debit payments on a monthly basis.

Student and newly qualified teachers have separate free membership offers.

Teachers Apply for NASUWT  12 months of free Membership

Invite A Friend
This scheme rewards NASUWT members who recruit friends and colleagues to join them in the Union. The rewards take the form of Love 2 Shop vouchers with incremental rises in the value of the voucher for every member recruited.

Invite your friends and colleagues to join and if they become members between 1 January 2017 and 15 December 2017, you will receive rewards in the form of Love2shop vouchers, which can be spent at over 20,000 stores, restaurants and attractions throughout the UK. Teachers Apply for NASUWT  12 months of free Membership

NASUWT offers members a range of discounts and deals described below. You can see more of these via the NASUWT Benefits website.

Your Car – Current car and motoring related offers include airport parking, car hire, car MOT and servicing and AA driving lessons.
Free Insurance Cover -Includes cover for fire, theft and malicious damage. Members also receive personal accident insurance free of charge wherever they are in the world.
Your Travel -Deals and discounts on holidays and hotels, including airport parking, cruises and cottages.
Your Lifestyle -Offers included within the ‘Your Lifestyle’ section of the NASUWT Benefits and Services website include activity day offers; book and magazine offers and much more.

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Teachers Apply for NASUWT  12 months of free Membership 
Your Health –NASUWT offers benefits and discounts on products and services related to your wellbeing.
Your Money -NASUWT works with a number of partner organisations to offer key financial services to members such as mortgages, will writing and debt advice.
NASUWT Approved -NASUWT works for members at all stages of their career and in all aspects of their life. That’s why the Union offers a range of services specially chosen with teachers in mind.



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