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Tragic – Netflix’s first film screening at Cannes

Netflix’s first film screening at Cannes

Netflix’s 1st film screening at metropolis does not go well; IBM offers remote employees Associate in Nursing demand

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Remote work pioneer IBM is giving workers Associate in Nursing demand this week: find a workplace or leave. The company, which embraced remote working policies decades ago, says the shift “will improve collaboration and accelerate the pace of work,” explains The Wall Street Journal. IBM has previously said that over 40% of its staff work remotely; the company hasn’t said how many will be affected by the change, but those employees have thirty days to make a decision

Netflix’s first film screening at Cannes 

Should corporations encourage or discourage remote work?

Netflix's first film screening at Cannes

According to news gathered by Applygist.com, it was discovered that Uber has threatened to fire the engineer at the heart of its case with Waymo, according to court filings. If Anthony Levandowski doesn’t return the 14,000 files he’s accused of stealing from Waymo, he faces possible termination. US district judge William Alsup also issued an injunction keeping Levandowski from working on any self-driving technology.

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Netflix got booed at Cannes: Netflix’s film screenings at Cannes got off to an inauspicious start with a showing of “Okja” — not only did the audience start booing as soon as the Netflix title card appeared on screen, a technical glitch meant the film was initially shown in the wrong aspect ratio. At the heart of the Netflix-Cannes controversy is a war over streaming versus cinema: Netflix’s two festival films won’t get French releases, because a law prevents films from being shown on streaming services for 36 months after theatrical release.

Does streaming exclude from the medium price of a movie, as some critics suggest?
Toyota, Mazda, Subaru, and BMW will pay $553 million to settle claims related to faulty Takata airbags. The airbags have been linked to 11 deaths and roughly 180 injuries, just in the US; today’s settlement doesn’t include personal injury cases, but does resolve claims affecting 15.8 million vehicle owners and lessees. Netflix’s first film screening at Cannes

An unprecedented 42 million vehicles, with 70 million faulty airbags, are being recalled. Can Takata and automakers recover?
As part of a push into live streaming television, Facebook will stream 20 Major League Baseball games this season. The games will be shown to US Facebook users on Friday nights. The deal is not exclusive — Facebook simply funnel the game through a local broadcaster. But it does mean the network is continuing to march toward what analyst Tim Mulligan considers “the next front in the digital video wars.” Netflix’s first film screening at Cannes 

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Can Facebook and other social networks break TV’s sports dominance?


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