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Used Car Tent Sale phoenix- Meet the World’s 1st All-in-One Automatic Car Tent

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As an automatic car tent to beach umbrella and fishing umbrella and LED camping tent- Used Car Tent Sale phoenix

Hot summer days can make your car feel like a sauna on four wheels. Nobody likes to enter a car that’s been parked in direct sunlight. Although glass windows insulate heat inside, so it’s important to get the hot air out. The only solution remains is to park the car under the shed of light. Now, Engineers have developed Lanmodo, an automatic car umbrella to protect your car from heat.

Lanmodo is the world’s First all-in-one wireless automatic car tent. It comes come with its design patents. Lanmodo works as a car tent that gives shade to the entire body of the car and even protects your children from the heat. Used Car Tent Sale phoenix

Lanmodo is the first all-in-one wireless car tent in the world that combines car protection, an outdoor shield, and even entertainment. It is made with a silver coating so you can enjoy an outdoor film with a projector.

Wireless & autonomous are the wave of the future for most designs. Similarly, this automatic car tent comes with one-touch wireless remote that makes it easy to install. Used Car Tent Sale phoenix Through this remote, the tent can fold and unfold. Its opening process takes 8 seconds and the closing process takes 30 seconds.

Lanmodo: World's 1st All-in-One Automatic Car Tent

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In hot weather, the car without shade has the temperature of 78.5 degree Celsius. But with Lanmodo, the car temperatures up to 36 degrees in hot weather. This automatic car tent does not protect from heat only, but it also protects the vehicle from bird droppings, dust, acid rain, leaves etc.

Lanmodo: World's 1st All-in-One Automatic Car Tent
The tent is not useful as only car shade purpose, but also as anti-heated sunshade theory when you fit it with an extra camping stand. Used Car Tent Sale phoenix It is portable and convenient enough that can be easily converted into a beach umbrella.

Lanmodo: World's 1st All-in-One Automatic Car Tent
Its car structure is made from fiberglass that makes it so strong enough to withstand windy weather, falling objects, and hail. Lanmodo is waterproof material that comes with a soft suction cup that avoids causing scratches. The suction cup can bear the weight of 70 kg. In addition, there is an USB port on the car tent close to the suction base. This allows the user to charge their phones or plug in LED lights. Through these LED lights it turns itself into a party tent that can carry up to 7 people.

Lanmodo: World's 1st All-in-One Automatic Car Tent

This all-in-one automatic car tent works by using a 10W brush motor. It also has an 8650 lithium-ion rechargeable battery that works with low power consumption technology. Within one charge, the battery will be on standby for 45 days with power.

The tent has the size of 3.5 m with the weight 6.5kg. Its stand can be unfolded for the height of up to 1.8m. Used Car Tent Sale phoenix The tent made through it has the length of 3.5m with the width 2.1m and height 1.8m.

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A good portable car tent has to be able to withstand windy weather. It’s windproof level is up to wind speed of 13m/s. When the wind occurs, its canopy with 4 belts attached on the top of the car tent structure, automatically releases from the main body of the car.Used Car Tent Sale phoenix

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