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USBs in a nutshell – What People Are Saying

You may Have Different Definitions of Your Own USB- See what People Think About Different USB Cables On Google Plus- 

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USBs in a nutshell

@Aditya why? Because you have to use it in Super USB Mode? what about all the devices you currently have that don’t use USB-C? Are you going to replace them all too?

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+Lee Goile I will not be replacing them any time soon, the new ones will surely have USB-C

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+Lee Goile Well, if that works, then what the picture above is about?

+Lee Goile I guess – USB. It is OK, if do not have any other choices . The idea is good, but implementation suckes. Why it has to take numerous attempts and cussing (and eventually worn USB nest) to plug  in a USB devise. Firewire was a much better choice in that regard. However, I accept the fact that the problem could just me, not USB

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