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ubuntu 8.10- Managed to Put Ubuntu Touch Devices on Nexus 5 Fairphone 2 OnePlus One

Unity 8 And Ubuntu Touch Aren’t Going Away Completely, UBports Team Will Keep Them Alive 

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Short Bytes: On Wednesday, Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth said that the organization would end the advancement of Ubuntu Touch and Unity 8. Marius Gripsgård of the UBports community has ventured forward to take the advancement charge of Ubuntu Touch and Unity 8. The UBports community has ported Ubuntu Touch to different smartphones. 

The news of Canonical forsaking Unity 8 and Ubuntu Touch came as a stun for both Ubuntu clients and the Linux community generally speaking. Be that as it may, there is a group of designers who passes by the name UBports wants to proceed with the improvement of the rejected ventures. 

The UBports community basically concentrates on porting the Ubuntu Touch – a versatile working framework created by Canonical – to different smartphones and tablets. 

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The group has figured out how to put Ubuntu Touch gadgets on Nexus 5, Fairphone 2, OnePlus One. They were taking a shot at different gadgets including OnePlus 3, Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, and so forth however the news about Ubuntu Touch spilled water on their arrangements. 

In the first place spotted by Softpedia, the organizer of the UBports bunch Marius Gripsgård posted on his Google+ profile that he would attempt endeavors to proceed with the advancement of Unity 8 and Ubuntu Touch. 

“I’m not surrendering! I will do my best to keep Ubuntu touch and Unity8 remaining on both it’s legs! It will be hard. The Ubuntu touch wheel is as yet turning, and it has enough energy to turn until we begin turning it with ideally with more noteworthy drive. Expect some news and thought drafts from the UBports group in the coming weeks.,” Gripsgård wrote in the post. 

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