Toyota FV2 Futuristic Vehicle Doesn’t Use Steering Wheel

Toyota has released several concept vehicles during 43rd Tokyo Motor Show, one of them is Toyota FV2 futuristic vehicle, the show will run from Nov 20 to Dec 1. This concept vehicle represents Toyota’s slogan “Fund to Drive, Again”, this is Toyota’s vision of our future mobility where the society values the joy of driving like never before. This project symbolizes Toyota’s efforts to contribute to future mobility while creating better vehicle that exceed expectations.

In the future, we believe our vehicle technology would have greatly progressed which also means we would experience enhanced driving experience. FV2 tries to connect the driver physically and emotionally with the vehicle, the more you use it, the more fun to drive the vehicle.

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Toyota FV2 doesn’t use a steering wheel, instead, it is operated by the driver shifting his or her body to intuitively move the vehicle forward, back, left, or right. Can you imagine driving your car like this? It would be awesome experience. This futuristic vehicle features intelligent transport system technology to connect with other vehicles in the area and traffic infrastructure, it offers safe driving by providing a variety of safety information such as blind spots and advance warnings.

When you ride FV2, you grow with your vehicle. It’s one of Toyota’s visions to be able to develop driver-vehicle relationship of trust and understanding, just like a rider has with his/her horse. The artificial intelligence of this vehicle can recognize driver’s mood through his/her voice and facial expression, it will then accumulate driving history to suggest destinations. The augmented reality display on the windshield can be adjusted at will to create more intimate environment between vehicle and driver.

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