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See New MasterCard With A Fingerprint Scanner

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See New MasterCard With A Fingerprint Scanner

I can conveniently tell you at this point that technology is limitless. The way we are going, are you sure we won’t be able to download food from the internet soon? That’s on a lighter not though. But then, of think technology is stretching us real well – doing the once impossible.

Quie impressive, MasterCard is testing out new fingerprint sensor-enabled payment cards that, combined with the onboard chips, offer a new, convenient way to authorize your in-person transactions. So Instead of the normal cultural and boring way of signing a paper receipt or entering your PIN while struggling to cover up the number pad, you simply place your thumb on your card to prove your identity.

So basically, your payment MasterCard would have a fingerprint sensor on it. This just wowed me. Now, in case you’re wondering what the goal of this newest development might be? I’d tell you.

Even if the card is stolen, the other ‘thief’ won’t be able to use it since his/her finger print scanner won’t be identified. Of course, you’ll still have the option to use your PINcode. Your payment card should be used by you and only you, this would put that in proper check.
>>Your bank will inform you that the biometric card is available, and if you’re interested, you’ll have to go to an enrollment center (most likely a bank) to get your fingers scanned.
>> An encrypted digital template of your fingerprint is stored on the card’s EMV chip. You can save up to two prints, but they would both have to be yours –
>>You can’t authorize someone else to use your card with their fingers. After your templates are saved, your card is ready to be used at compatible terminals worldwide.
MasterCard with Fingerprint scannerMasterCard with Fingerprint scanner
The card is being tested in South Africa, and is expected to be rolled out to other parts of the world soon enough.

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