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Just In Samsung Gear 360(2017) – Shoots in 4K and even works with the iPhone

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Its Very tru that Samsung is now surprising the market again and again with their innovative launches this month. 

Especially this week has been really exciting for the loyal Samsung customers. This week Samsung has gifted some really innovative products that include Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. The other Samsung products that come in the list innovative products launched by Samsung this week is Samsung gear 360 camera.

So, the official news is that Samsung has launched the all new version of Samsung Gear 360 camera. As the name denotes, this device especially designed to shoot photos and videos at full 360 degree. The design of the Samsung Gear 360 camera is very simple but attractive and beautiful.

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Having a look over the design of Samsung Gear 360 camera, this device looks like a mushroom. The device is spherical from above and that sphere is joined to a grip. The Samsung Gear 360 camera looks like and basic camera that has a grip to it which gives it a look like a shortest selfie stick. The device is very easy to handle Very comfortable in hands.

The Samsung Gear 360 camera has ability to record videos at a resolution of as high as 4096×2160 pixels. The camera also supports the recording of video in 4K.The Gear 360 camera has also ability to live stream a 2K video, which is basically given to those users who like to use “live broadcast” on the social media like Facebook and YouTube. The earlier version of Samsung Gear 360 camera didn’t support live streaming and the resolution was also less than 4K.

Comparing with the 2016 model of the Samsung Gear 360 camera, there are few changes. The new gear 360 camera can be used with other major smartphones also. Earlier the gear 360 cameras were only supporting the major Samsung smartphones. The gear 360 will also work on other Android phones and also the latest versions of Apple iPhone. The 2016 model of Samsung Gear 360 only supported the high end Samsung phone such as Samsung Galaxy S7.

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Samsung now looks to give more innovative and user friendly products such as gear 360 and Samsung is working forward to provide more features and better products like this. The price of the Samsung Gear 360 camera has not been announced yet. According to the experts of KNine Vox, the price of the Samsung Gear 360 camera will be slightly higher than the earlier version of gear 360. The earlier version of the Samsung Gear 360 camera cost was costing $349.

We are waiting for the device and as soon as this device is launched in the market, we will give you the hands-on and the review of the device. Don’t forget to read our hands-on article on the newly launched Samsung S8 and S8 plus. Till then stay tuned with KNine Vox for the further updates regarding new gadgets and Technology in the market.

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