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How To Verify UK, USA And China Adsense Account In Nigeria, India and Other Countries

Do you own a UK, USA and China Adsense account? Are you trying to verify your foreign Adsense account in Nigeria? Yea! You can do that easily with this tutorial because I will introduce you to a new website that deals with delivery of goods in three (China, UK, and USA) countries. Why I love them is that they deliver the goods right to your doorstep and if the good is in envelope, they can open it and deliver the good as a mail without no obstruction.

One of the must frustrating situation a blogger or vlogger would ever experience is when adsense gives a deadline of adsense verification and this happens when your first earnings reaches a minimum amount of 100$ but when you fail to verify, your adsense will definitely stop showing Ads.

In order for other bloggers facing this issue to also benefits from this, that’s why I had decided to publish an article regarding this issue to help many out there. So, this website that delivers goods is called Shoptomydoor.com. They have an office in Houston USA, UK and China where they deliver any goods from there to other part of the countries.

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Assuming you want to verify your UK, USA and China Adsense in Nigeria, you should just put the virtual address given to you by shoptomydoor into your Adsense address and your Adsense PIN will be sent to you immediately it is available. So let’s go on.

How To Verify UK, USA And China Adsense Account In Nigeria

  • It is easy and simple. Just go to http://shoptomydoor.com and register an account with them.
  • After successful registration, tap on Enter Address and fill it with your Nigeria house address or any nearby post office.
  • Then, under Select Warehouse Location; CHINA, UK And USA you should choose your Adsense Account country.
  • After that, an address would be generated for you e.g 12011 Westbrae Parkway #B STMD – UNIT NG106253 Houston, – 77031.
  • Now, login your Adsense account and go to MENU then tap on SETTINGS follow by PAYMENT
  • Insert your Shoptomydoor earlier generated address as your Adsense address and Save.
  • So, when your Adsense PIN is sent from Google to your UK, USA or China address, shoptomydoor will pick it for you and send the PIN digits to you for just 10$ as E-mail or sometimes, they might ship it to your Nigeria address you filled earlier.
So, this is how to verify your United states of America, United kingdom and China Adsense Account. If you want to receive payment from your foreign adsense account, you should apply for payoneer MasterCard and open a PayPal account also. Connect your PayPal with your payoneer account and by using the payoneer MasterCard, you will be able to withdraw your money from the PayPal account in any Nigeria bank.

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