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How To Hack Facebook Account using WAPKA Phishing Page 100% Working

Many having been sending us mail on how to hack a facebook account. Toady we shall be given you the full tutorial on how you can easily hack a Facebook account using “phisping” hope you know hacking is against the rules of Facebook so if you must hack any Facebook account it must be in a perfect reason.

We have made out a customized fake Facebook page HTML code and with this code you will get just exactly like the real Facebook page.

Note: We shall not be held responsible if any errors occurs as it is illegal.

What is Phishing?
Phishing is a way of deceiving or forcing your victim by making He/She login through one of your webpages which is a copy of the original one. By doing so the fake webpage will save his E-MAIL ID or username and password. This is used for criminal activities for stealing Credits Cards and So on.

Now we are going to make a FAKE LOGIN PAGE for Facebook.
“Lets start the tutorial”……


» A Wapka Site 
» The HTML Code

==» First Action you have to Download the HTML code by Clicking Here

==» Second Action Request for Zip file password for you to be able to extract file by Clicking Here. The password us ‘fbhack’

==» Step 1: Register a new Wapka Account First create a new wapka account by Clicking Here.
Fill out the Sign up form below is the screen shot.
Note on the site name you must use a name that has not been used by someone.

If successfully created an email will be sent to you for verification.

So you just have to check back on your email and click on the whole link.

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==» Step 2: Now login to your account and goto (Site List) and create a new site. Example: www.example.wapka.mobi Then click on Manage

==» Step 3: Now you have 2 modes availabe, Click on Admin Mode.

==» Step 4: As you click on Admin mode you redirects to a Blank page. it’s blank because till now you do nothing to your newly created site. At the Lower right corner you have a link ::EDIT SITE(#):: click on it.

==» Step 5: Now click on – (WML/XHTML code).On clicking it you have window which you will place the HTML code at you downloaded at ==» First Action

==» Step 6: For {Wml/Xhtml Code} We Have Customized Code… (1). Original facebook Phishing Code given at ==» First Action 

Copy all the whole code and paste it into (WML/XHTML code) box at your wapka site and click on Submit button.

==» Step 7: Congratulations It’s all done, your new Facebook fake page has been created now send your site link which was created at Step 2 to your victim. As your victim login to your page his/her E-mail and Password details will be sent directly into your E-mail box by which you have used in signing up your account at wapka at first step. You can now access the persons account by login in with the information sent to your email Enjoy hacking…

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Note: We recommend you when login with the persons details use opera mini web browser in other not to face a security questions by Facebook.

SOURCE: Extremecodez.com
Warning ⚠ 

This is only for EDUCATION purpose don’t use it to fraud. Our website will not be held responsible for whatever you will do from your newly acquired knowledge. 

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