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Google Cloud Virtual server- Highlights from Google Cloud Next ’17

Read the major announcements about Google Cloud partners, security, and products. google cloud virtual server

 Google Cloud Virtual Server

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Infrastructure architects, operations professionals, developers, data scientists, and security professionals gathered at Next ’17 to attend over 200 in-depth breakout sessions providing details on how to implement solutions on GCP. google cloud virtual server

At the event, we announced 100 new products, partnerships, and services. These included new security features designed to protect your business and customers from threats. Google Cloud Virtual Server We’ve also added features that make Google Cloud Platform even more flexible, likecommitted use discounts, as well as a new support model that allows you to control how you consume and pay for support. New partnerships with Rackspace and Pivotal give you more support options. We’re also pleased to announce a strategic partnership with SAP focused on bringing SAP’s ERP solutions to GCP. Google Cloud Virtual Server

Here’s a wrap-up of our announcements:

App Engine flexible environment GA
We announced a major expansion of our popular App Engine platform to new developer communities that emphasizes openness, developer choice, and application portability.Google Cloud Virtual Server

Cloud Functions beta
Google Cloud Functions has launched into public beta. It is a serverless environment for creating event-driven applications and microservices, letting you build and connect cloud services with code.

Google Allo Now let’s You Share Files and Documents

Cloud Spanner

The industry’s first horizontally scalable, globally consistent, relational database service continues its exciting trajectory. Cloud Spanner includes all the traditional benefits of a relational database—ACID transactions, relational schemas, SQL queries, high performance, and high availability.
Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL beta
Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL implements the same design principles currently reflected in Cloud SQL for MySQL—namely, the ability to securely store and connect to your relational data via open standards.

Google Cloud Virtual Server

BigQuery Data Transfer Service
Users can quickly get value from all their Google-managed advertising datasets. With just a few clicks, marketing analysts can schedule data imports from Google AdWords, DoubleClick Campaign Manager, DoubleClick for Publishers, as well as YouTube Content and Channel Owner reports.
Federated query on Google Cloud Bigtable
We’ve extended BigQuery’s reach to query data inside Cloud Bigtable, the NoSQL database service for massive analytic or operational workloads that require low latency and high throughput—common in Financial Services and IoT use cases.
Commercial Datasets beta

Commercial datasets that are being offered include financial market data from Xignite, residential real-estate valuations (historical and projected) from HouseCanary, predictions for when a house will go on sale fromRemine, historical weather data from AccuWeather, and news archives from Dow Jones. All these datasets are immediately ready for use in BigQuery, with more to come as new partners join.
Cloud Dataprep private beta
Cloud Dataprep is a new managed data service, built in collaboration with Trifacta, that makes it faster and easier for BigQuery end-users to visually explore and prepare data for analysis. Dedicated data engineer resources are no longer needed.
Cloud Machine Learning Engine GA
For organizations that want to train and deploy their own models into production in the cloud, Cloud Machine Learning Engine is now generally available.
Cloud Video Intelligence API private beta
A first of its kind, Cloud Video Intelligence API that lets developers easily search and discover video content by providing information about entities—using nouns such as “dog” or verbs such as “run”— inside video content.

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Cloud Vision APIs

Cloud Vision API now offers new capabilities for all enterprises and partners to classify a more diverse set of images. The API recognizes millions of entities from Google’s Knowledge Graph, as well as offers enhanced OCR capabilities that extract text from scans of documents, such as legal contracts or books.


Three new Google Cloud regions
We’re adding GCP regions in California, Montreal, and the Netherlands. GCP currently has 6 regions, 18 zones, and over 100 points of presence. Google Cloud Virtual Server Like all GCP regions, they will benefit from Google’s global, private network.
Identity-Aware Proxy
Lets you selectively control access to individual services without setting up or configuring a VPN. Only the right users or groups of users get access, and security administrators use simple console-based tools to control who gets access to what.

Data Loss Prevention API
Google Cloud Virtual Server

Identify and act on sensitive data. The DLP API can recognize over 40 different types of Personally Identifiable data and take appropriate action to protect your customers and your enterprise.
Cloud Key Management Service
Cloud KMS is a cloud-hosted key management service that lets you manage encryption the same way you do on-premises. Cloud KMS lets you generate, use, rotate, and destroy AES256 encryption keys, and is integrated with IAM and Cloud Audit Logging. This enables you to manage permissions on individual keys and to monitor how they are used.

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We featured a number of new enterprise customers:
The Home Depot migrated HomeDepot.com to GCP with successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday performances

Disney Interactive is exploring how machine learning can both improve operational efficiency and enhance retail experience for customers

eBay is making big investments in AI and ML capabilities, and cloud computing is central to making this work


SAP also joins the thriving team of cloud partners, onboarding enterprise customers to G Suite and Google Cloud Platform as a strategic IT partner

Learn more about how Google is building the future of cloud.


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