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Top 5 Must-Have Features in a Spy Application

Countless spy applications have been pumped into the world in the past half a decade or so. While some of them are equipped with a platoon of features that seems to be mind boggling at the first glance, while others are pretty basic ones that work brilliantly on the compatible devices. Yet, there are a few features that just happen to be spy app must-haves, a few of such features are:

  • Camera and Mic Bug

The ability to remotely access both the microphone and the camera of the target device is one of the features that play a primary role as the selling point of the app. Since only the really good apps come equipped with this features, their success should come as no surprise at all. Remote access to camera and microphone allows you to turn them on and off at will. This way, you can record the sounds that the target device is surrounded with, discreetly listen into random conversations and see if the user of the target device is actually with the person he/she said they were with. Additionally, this bugging feature also allows you to use both the front and the back camera to snap pictures of the target devices’ surrounding.

  • Record Calls and Call Surroundings

Listening into live calls in real-time is another one of the most sought out features provided by spy apps. Most spy applications tend to only provide users with a detailed log about the calls make and received by the target device, the number calling it or being called and the frequency of the calls but only the most exclusive apps allow you to listen into live calls. These calls can also be recorded and then stored online. That way the user can listen into the calls whenever they may feel like it.

  • GPS location Tracking

GPS location tracking is a feature that allows you keep track of the target devices’ whereabouts. Bugging essentially provides you with the surrounding location of the target device that is adequate to some extent, yet bugging cannot capture even remotely the capabilities of a GPS location tracker. GPS location tracking allows you to look into the exact location of the target device in longitudes and latitudes in real time – meaning that the moment the device moves, so does their location pointer on the spy app which makes it an amazing and invaluable tool of surveillance for concerned parents, spouses and employees.

  • Monitor Browsing History

Another amazing feature that happens to be a must-have feature for any spy application ever created because of its ability to allow the user to look into the browsing history of the target device. It is an excellent feature which not only allows a user to look into what their spouse, child or employee is doing online but this way you can also try to figure out if the user of the target device is in some sort of trouble or is stirring up some trouble that might result in a legal nightmare or a harassment lawsuit. Additionally, a person’s browsing habits can very be used to tell the type of person you might have at your hands.

  • Read Inbound and Outbound emails

Emails are a primary source of data exchange in a workplace. Whether you have to send emails to your co-workers, to your boss or to a client or a business transaction, it serves as a great way to get your message across as well as to get the word about your business out there. Unfortunately, emails also happen to be that one source that allows an employee to sell a company’s trade secrets to their competitors without the threat of discovery. To thaw such plans from ever being hatched in the first place, most business owners use spy software that are equipped with the ability to look into the emails being sent and received by the target device. Not only that, but the detailed logs about such emails are recorded and stored onto the servers of the spy application and can be easily accessed at the time of need.

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