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Tecno Camon CX (C10): Leaked Images & Rumored Specifications!

Tecno Camon CX (C10): Leaked Images & Rumored Specifications

Everyone expects something bigger from Tecno Mobile this year and the most recent rumors we’ve heard seem to point to this same direction. Tecno Camon C9 was released last year, it only normal to expect a successor to follow. However, it seems the next device in the Camon series won’t be named Camon C10. An insider revealed that we should expect Tecno Camon CX instead.

Devices in the Camon product line have one distinctive feature: a pretty good camera at an affordable price range. It is perfect for those who want the camera of the high end Phantom series on a mid range device. And the camera has never disappointed.

Tecno Camon CX or Tecno Camon C10?

While we advise you to take this report with a pinch of salt, it actually makes sense if the next Camon is called CX. After all, X is the same as 10 in Roman numerals. Whether we are going to see Camon C10 or Camon CX, one thing is certain: a camera better than that on the C9 should be expected.

Rumored Camera Specifications

If we are to judge based on the leaked image, we would conclude that the Camon CX is coming with two cameras at the back. However, it should be pointed out that this could either be an actual press render or just a concept.

According to our source, Tecno Camon CX will sport 4 cameras, possibly two in the front and another two at the back. If this is actually true, users will be able to shoot images with bokeh / shallow depth of field using both the front and rear camera setup as seen on Tecno Phantom 6 and Apple iPhone 7 Plus.
The source also claims that each camera has a 16MP sensor. While this sounds pretty good, it should be noted that such configuration on a mid-range smartphone is definitely going to move the price point to the high-end segment. We do expect Tecno to keep things balanced.
It’s long overdue
A dual-camera setup on the Camon series is long overdue. It was rumored to be featured on the Camon C8 last year, but we never saw it. It seems focus is shifting to this technology and the some best camera phones around have two eyes on the back.


The leaked Camon CX image shows a somewhat slim device. It looks a lot thinner than last year’s Camon C9. The antennae lines at the top and bottom too suggest a metallic back cover. Again, we need to be reminded that this could either be a concept design or a real press render. We been able to gather that the Camon CX will come in several colors: Blue, Black, Gold, Champagne Gold, and Anthracite Grey.

Other technical specifications

As for the internals, we have just a few details at the moment. The device is very likely to ship with Android 7.0 (Nougat), the RAM and ROM should come in 3GB/32GB configuration, the screen size will be 5.5 inches, and it might come with the USB Type C fast charging port.

Launch, availability and price

Tecno Camon C9 is expected to be launched (in Dubai again??) sometimes later in March or very early in April. Considering that its predecessor came in around June last year, it appears Tecno Camon CX (or Camon C10) is coming early.
If we get the chance, you may get to read the review of this anticipated device here. Until the device is actually released, all we have to feed on are rumors, speculations and leaks.
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