First, thank you to everyone who used Spaces. It was a tough decision, and it’s tough to say goodbye.

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A few important details:

Spaces will be read-only on March 3rd: This means you can’t create new spaces, posts or comments. Also, new invitations can’t be sent, and new members can’t be added to spaces. Tech news 

Between now and April 17th, you can:

See, save, print, and delete your content.
Delete any spaces you created, leave any spaces you joined, and remove people from your spaces.
Report abuse in Spaces, and block other Spaces users. Tech News 
After April 17th, 2017: Spaces and their content will be deleted.

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Our goal with Spaces was to create a better small-group sharing experience, and we’ll use what we’ve learned to improve other Google products and services. Thanks again for your support.


The Spaces team- Tech News 

Ringing in 2017 with updates to Google Voice apps


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