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Rumored Specs And Spy Information For Tecno’s Latest Camon Series.

Rumored Specs And Spy Information For Tecno’s Latest Camon Series

Okay, so I’ve been doing lots of digging around lately….I have been reading blogs and getting inside information on the next Camon.

Even my inside sources are not so sure cos there seems to be a tight lid 
on the exact specifications of the device.

I’ve outlined some of the major deciding factors we want to look out for before purchasing a device, and I’m also penning down my speculations.


No one is sure yet.
We can’t really tell whether it is 5.0 or 5.5….who knows, it might well be 6 inches! But since the Camon series is female centric, I think they should just leave it within the 5.0-5.5 inches range.


Well, no one has said anything about the exact dimensions of the device…
But I hear it’s ultra slim and light!


I read on one blog that it will come with Android Nougat. Well, it better do o! Or else angry….there are also rumors that there is a new HiOS version. I asked my guy what the name of this version is and he be like…” if you ask me, Na who I go ask”? lol


I believe that it’s an MTK Helio range of processors. Though I have a specific model in mind, but as it stands now I’m no longer sure if that’s what it’s going to be.

For the processor speed, I heard it will be clocking at a higher Ghz than its predecessor. In other words, it will perform faster.
They should kukuma release the device and let us know these things in specific details nau. The suspense nuh be here!


Some blogs are saying 3GB RAM, others are saying 4GB, I won’t be surprised if I see 12GB sef. However in the words of a bonafide source, he told me that “it is not what most people are expecting…how ever, the performance of this device is breathtakingly satisfying”
In my mind, I was like….is this my guy starting to sound like a marketer already I used to know him as an IT person o. Well, I believe him, he does not talk anyhow. Okay, let’s move on 


no info

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I am expecting like 5500mah. But I fear it won’t be up to that. However, my padi was explaining one technology that MTK developed on their latest processors that allows the SoC optimizes tasks performance on the phone, thereby causing it to last longer than one would expect. I asked him what size it is exactly, he told me….”Lips Sealed!”


Hian, I heard it will have 4 cameras. Like seriously!!!!
How can this even be possible tori olorun? How?
Well, Father Lord, may your will be done. All I just want is a badass camera quality that always represents.


Maybe, maybe not. It’s still to early to say.


I heard a new design is in the offing and it looks great.


There will be a min version, so I’m told….but we don’t know what they will call that one yet. Maybe Camon CX mini…CX Lite or CX ……. Well, fill in the gaps smiley


I was categorically told that this will be present. But then, he was hinting that there is something that the scanner is capable of doing that goes beyond unlocking your phone. My guy nuh gree tell me what it is….he said he is not so sure it will come with the final design of the device.
what could that be?

Is there any other specs I’m missing?
Have you heard anything on your end?
Abeg share here.
Let’s count down to this device together.
Can’t wait!

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