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New Free Browsing Cheat With WhatsApp Bundle Via Psiphon for South Africa Cell C

South Africa Cell C Free Browsing Cheat With WhatsApp Bundle Via Psiphon

Latest Psiphon Handler V108 Settings For mtn Free Browsing Secrets Revealed

Applygist Officialy leaks the  Cell C free internet browsing with WhatsApp bundle is now achievable with the help of Psiphon VPN. Applygist.com  Cell C is one of the top mobile network provider in South Africa, offering a wide range of services and mobile and data deals which include unlimited whatsapp bundle which allows subscribers to chat on WhatsApp but unable to browse through with web browsers and other apps that needs data network to work.

However, if you really want to access other web pages and applications with the WhatsApp bundle, I have provided the settings that will make it work. After applying these settings, you should be able to enjoy free internet with applygist Cell C South Africa network.

Previously on this blog, we have already posted and XP Psiphon free Internet via Cell C in South Africa so you can check those ones out as it’s still working.

Meanwhile, If you happen to be among those that are finding it difficult to use other free browsing tweaks for SA, I advice you to try out this WhatsApp trick. Here is the settings.


First of all, download and launch it- Download Applygist Psiphon Pro HERE 

Then enter these settings
Proxy type- real host
Proxy server- 
Real proxy type- default
Real proxy port- 80
Now click on save

After that, select UNITED STATES or BEST PERFORMANCE in the preferred region tab

✔️ Click More Options and tick HTTP and enter any of these IP addresses below

PORT– 3128

Applygist.com Official Psiphon pro specifically Developed to browse and connect Faster

Finally, click on the start button and just wait for the Psiphon to connect. Now you can open any app even your web browsers such as Opera mini and UC browser using the WhatsApp bundle. Enjoy Free Browsing from Applygist.com 

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